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Ariana Cheats with Me –  mf, friend’s girlfriend, naïve girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

Backpacker Pick-up – mfm, hot wife, younger man. Amazon, Smashwords

Banging My Wife and Her Friend – ffm, hot wife. Amazon, Smashwords

Club Bangers – mfmmm, interracial, MDMA. Amazon, Smashwords

Double Penetration Tales – mfm, hot wife, shared girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

Hostel DP – mfm, shared girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords.

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 1–  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 2 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 3 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Vol. 1, 2 & 3 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 4 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 5 –  Amazon, Smashwords

How I Became a Manwhore – mf, older women. Amazon, Smashwords

Jenn’s Movie Night – mfm, ffm, cfnm, cuckold video. Amazon, Smashwords

Jenn’s Tail: A hot wife story – mfm, mfmm, fmff. Amazon, Smashwords

Kate & Suzy, BFF & FFM – mfm, ffm, mfmf. Amazon, Smashwords

Lesbian-owned Wife – fmff, bondage, drugged. Amazon, Smashwords

Letter to a Rich Cuck – ffm, stepmom and stepdaughter. Amazon, Smashwords

Loving Wife Online – mf, cuckold video. Amazon, Smashwords

Moving Day Threesome – mfm, shared girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

My Girl Swings Both Ways – ffm. Amazon, Smashwords

Other Men’s Women – mfm, mfmm, cheating wives and girlfriends. Amazon, Smashwords

Priya’s Education naïve girlfriend, mfmm. Amazon, Smashwords

Priya’s MDMA Gangbang – mfmmm, MDMA. Amazon, Smashwords

Showing Off Kim – mfm, slutty girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

Stepmom Seduction – stepmom and stepson. Amazon, Smashwords

new★ Swapping My Girl – mfmf. Amazon, Smashwords

Swinging Wife – mfm, fmfff, ffm. Amazon, Smashwords

Two Cheating Girlfriends – ffm. Amazon, Smashwords

Watching Her First Time – mfm. Amazon, Smashwords

Watching Her Fun – mfm, ffm, mfmm. Amazon, Smashwords

Wife’s Escort Revenge – mfm, interracial. Amazon, Smashwords

HW&GF: 5

HWGF - 5.png

The Summer of Smashwords continues apace as more of my titles come out of Amazon exclusive. Coming online later this week is Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Volume 5, but you can already click on the cover, above, and get the 20% sample, which should get you most of the first story.

I hope you enjoy it, and if so check out my Amazon page here for all my stories to date, Smashwords here, for a growing list of delights, and the Stories link at the top of this page for samples of all my work.

Coming together

Still moving things onto Smashwords (my page) as they come out of Kindle Unlimited, and over this summer (2017) there should always be something free to whet your interest, so check that out and get a story in DOC, TXT, PDF, MOBI, EPUB and more. Click on Stories at the top of this page if you want to see all I’ve got to offer.

The next tale should be done soon, and here’s a little extract from the current draft, still subject to correction and change.

I got ready to go out. A shave, shower, nice clothes, cologne, money, pack of condoms, weed vaporizer and some joints in case I ran out of power, a Dick Cage Production playing in the background, some girl with pink hair and a dick in her mouth.

I was stoner who liked to fuck, a social drinker who did it to get laid.

I went to the first bar on my list, poked my head inside and saw nothing of interest, went on to the second, The Lovell, down by the beach. I looked in and it was busy, a good lunchtime buzz on a Saturday, the weekend just getting wet and spreading its legs.

I went in to have beer, get myself a little looser and acclimatize to the kind of folk you find in such places, taking care not to fuck up, get drunk, and be nursing a hangover by sundown.

– – –

Now you can probably imagine this is not the most glamorous world, but you do get women who over-relied on their beauty and are now heading for a crash, and that’s exactly my type, a 40-something woman in maybe her last burst of somewhat youthful beauty, still trying to compete in the big leagues. When they talk to young guys like me you can see their eyes light up and they’re back to how things were, how things could have been, and what could still be possible.

Smarten up, find a richer, older guy looking for someone to see out their golden years with, and not a 21-yr old with big tits and blow-job lips, but someone a little more age appropriate who won’t get odd looks at the club, no more than 20 or 30 yrs younger. Yeah, I imagined these fading beauties were looking for the kind of guy with a heart condition they could fuck over the edge after the ink got dry on the new will.

But I like women who know what they want, especially with a few drinks inside. They smile a lot, come on to me, and that’s how it was in this case.

– – –

I met this woman called Celine who’d come in to get a lighter, and then saw me and ordered a vodka tonic, settled down on the next seat at the bar, all forward and goal-directed, just like me. A woman who still wanted to go places.

“Well hello, sailor,” she said, with a smile that was more of a leer, and my eyes flashed from that to her cleavage, then her calves, looking good out the bottom of a cherry red skirt. “See anything you like?”

I smiled and finished my beer, ordered a vodka tonic for myself and Celine grabbed my thigh under the bar then slid her hand up so it was cupping my cock and balls.

It was just after noon and I knew I going to get my dick sucked, I just had no idea what else she had planned.

We chatted a little about nothing, and I could tell she was just checking me out, same as I was her, both wanting to make sure we weren’t about to pick up a psycho.

She’d been groping me for ten minutes and was halfway through the second drink when she made the offer.

“You want come back to mine? I’ve got better drinks, and we can get high, if you want.”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Would you like that?”

I finished my drink and she handed me hers.

I downed it one as she paid for us both.

“Come on, kid,” she said, “let’s go and see what you got.”

– – –

I didn’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t The Girodas Hotel. I’d been inside once and felt out of place. It was the town’s new and old money, and I had neither, but I did have youth and sexual vigor, and so there I was strolling through the lobby, about five yards behind Celine, just like she wanted, taking in the view of her round ass and then getting in the elevator with her and going up to the top floor.

“You staying here?”

“Sometimes. I keep a suite, for business.”

We walked to the end of a hallway and she unlocked the door.

It was like an apartment, with all the fixtures and fittings and daily maid service, like something out of a magazine or someone’s better life.

The whole vibe said easy money, and I liked it.

Celine took off her jacket, hung it up, tapped a laptop to life and tossed over a room service menu.


“No, but I wouldn’t mind another drink.”

She pointed to a fridge and went to get some glasses.

“Get the bottle that looks like champagne. Tastes better than that crappy beer you drink.”

I pulled out something gaudy – the label said Trump 2020.

Celine shrugged as I handed it to her.

“It’s Slovenian, but it’s good. I got 100 cases on discount.”

She popped open the bottle, poured two glasses and gave me one.

I took a sip, it was good, and asked if I could light a joint. She said yes, so I did that and got high, passed it to her.

“Now take your clothes off,” she said, taking a big hit and holding it a few seconds too long before blowing the smoke in my face, “and show me what you’ve got.”

– – –

I started undressing. I was young, high, a little drunk and horny, and this was just the kind of situation I’d hoped to find myself in when planning the day, just a lot, lot better.

Celine was not only good looking for her age – clear skin, nice tan, bright teeth, a good waist and legs – but she obviously had access to lots of cash, and it seemed like she spent it on good times.

I wanted to hang out and see how far this would go, so I took off all my clothes, socks and boxers included, then just stood there, smiling, happy with my body and dick.

Celine looked me up and down and nodded.

“Can you get hard, on your own?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Show me.”

I jerked off and got hard. It felt strange at first, but I soon got into it, looking into her eyes and getting off on her smile, which was twisted, kind of ugly and contemptuous, and that turned me on, to be honest.

I liked the idea of this Celine woman being a bitch.

I liked the idea of her wanting to see me naked.

I liked pretty much everything about her, especially when she started undressing too, getting down fast to some stockings and suspenders, a bra to keep her tits up. She looked good, and she’d been planning this, of course, unless she went like out that all the time, which – knowing Celine as I soon came to – wouldn’t surprise me at all.

She came over with the bottle and a dirty smile.

“You want to fuck me, right?”


“You like older women?”

“I like you.”

We kissed.

“Go down on me,” she said, “and I’ll let you jerk off if I cum.”

Jenn seduces a younger man as her husband watches…

watching her first time - new.pngWatching Her First Time is free for a few days as I move things to Smashwords, just click here to get it. Blurb:

Available for free and as a single for limited time only, the first part of a much longer ‘hot wife’ story that’ll move to Smashwords over the summer 2017. It tells the tale of the first time the narrator saw his wife, Jenn, seduce a younger man. It features full sex and might offend, so do get the sample and see if you want to read more.

Life is elsewhere / Smashwords / free stuff

Yep, the new story should already be online, but I’m racing to finish the real $-work projects before going on vacation, and maybe then I’ll whip the first draft into shape.

One thing I have done is open a Smashwords account, and so I’ll be taking all my stories out of Kindle Unlimited this summer and offering them in both markets instead, with SW having all the text formats there are, so you can enjoy my work no matter what device you have.

Because I may have fucked up the formatting I’ve set up How I Became a Manwhore as a free book. Check out my profile, scroll down, and get yourself a copy, aware that it’s 18+ and may offend rather than excite. If you don’t have a Smashwords account, then sign up and get one. It’s free, and there’s much to enjoy. If you like my work, then please subscribe to the Author Alerts, and you’ll get find out when I put a new story online (about one a week throughout July – September).

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great day or night.

A look behind the curtain

Slow work on the next story, which has been sitting on my hard-drive in the first draft a month or so, but should get the time to knock it into shape next week, and it’ll be up after proofreading etc.

One of the fun parts of writing fiction is how the thing takes on a life of its own, and certain ‘authorial choices’ just fall away because of the demands of the text. In this case the story was going to be called The Bottom-Feeders Club, a title I came up a few years ago, and I liked its sleazy pulp connotations. At first it was about the narrator picking up women in dive bars, focusing on a female character who eventually became Tara in Loving Wife Online. Then I let the idea sit a while, came back and typed up something else, with that character ending up as Kate in a whole series of totally different stories.

Then a month ago I went back to the idea, typed up 10k words and got the first draft in place, kind of wonky in places but still holding together – set-up, sex scene 1, development, sex scene 2, and so on. I was going to tie it in with Letter to Rich Cuck, the step-mother/step-daughter couple in that, but then went in another direction. Now it’s sitting on my hard-drive with the names Jenn, Celine and Tiffany for the three female characters, although I can’t say for sure they’ll be in the final draft.

In short, writing is a strange magic, even at my low level and within the ‘dirty books’ genre that’s my scene when working as PB Rider (‘paperback writer’), one of several heteronyms I ply my trade with.

And what’s the point of this post?

Well, stories don’t often come out fully-formed. Except for one or two cases, such as Ariana Cheats with Me, I never just sit down and type the first draft from start to end. There’s a whole messy process of false starts, collage and revision.

So if you came here for a new story then this post is here to suggest that you can do this. You can start writing, and it’ll probably be bad at first, but that’s OK. You read it, make changes, and see what emerges from the text and somewhere deep inside, places you don’t often go and may never even visit awake. My stories just come out from the ends of my fingers hitting the keyboard, and, months later, reading back, I often have no idea what the hell I was thinking.

So if you came here for a story, and can’t find the one you want, why not sit down with a pen and paper, or a keyboard, and see what you come up with?

That said, something new from me will be online by mid-June, at latest, and then I hope to blast through the next, next story. I’ve got lots of ideas, but I’m curious what my fingers will produce.

(And if you’ve read this far, and it’s still June / July 2017, then check out my Amazon page at the weekends. Lesbian-owned Wife and Priya’s MDMA Gangbang are free on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Both are highly offensive, adults only stories that I had a lot of fun writing.)

The Bottom Feeders’ Club

The next story you’ll want to read is called The Bottom Feeders’ Club. It’ll feature Celine, from Wife’s Escort Revenge, and maybe her niece, Tiffany, from Letter to a Rich Cuck, or perhaps her sister-in-law from the same tale. Either way, it looks like being an older woman / younger woman FFM story with some taboo family elements, and I’m really looking forward to writing it.

If that piques your interest, then click on those two titles and have fun.