Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Vol. 1

volume 1 - small 30percentOut now at US$3 on Amazon, or free with Kindle Unlimited. Includes three stories (17k+ words):

Club Bangers: I take my girlfriend to a club for her first time on ecstasy. She loves it, but loves the big black dicks she finds backstage even more. mfmm, interracial, asian, cuck, hot girlfriend, voyeur, drugs

Backpacker Pick-up: My wife, Jenn, picks out a young guy in a coffee store. He comes home and we DP her back to front, up and down. A sequel to Watching Her Fun. mfm, mf, older woman, hot wife, voyeur

Letter to a Rich Cuck: Surprise, loser – I slept with your wife and daughter. mf, ffm, taboo family, cuck


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