Lesbian-owned Wife

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Lesbian-owned Wife is now available at US$1 on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited (link to US site – available on others, too), as part of Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 2, three stories for (here), or in Vols. 1, 2 & 3, with nine stories for (here).

My wife sets up an afternoon threesome with a hot Asian teen, but then the girl gets cold feet and I have to leave. Later I go home and find my wife tied-up and blindfolded, with the Asian girl and two other women taking turns to own her body.

I stick around and achieve several ambitions. (hot wife, fffm, lesbian, light bondage, femdom)

The whole story is 7,200 words, here’s the first 3,000, and a whole ‘girlfriend on MDMA sucks a bunch of dicks’ story in DOC format can be found here if you want something else:


My wife likes the taste of dick, or so it seems. How else to explain all the cocks she’s sucked since we got into the “swinging” lifestyle?

I put that in quotes because at the time this adventure took place there was little partner swapping going on, and it’s fair to say that Jenn had seen more dicks than I’d seen pussy.

Still, I was in no position to complain.

I’d fucked Amy a few times, Jenn’s big-titted best friend, and she’d brought home a couple of other women who were happy to fool around in a threesome. I’d also gone out on my own and partied, but it seemed harder for a man to get a zipless fuck than a woman, especially when I tried to explain the situation. “I’m married, but we have an agreement,” just sounds like a line coming from a guy, but from a woman?

Fuck yeah – party’s on.

So the story I’m going to tell here had been building for a while, and I hope it’s as much fun to read as it was to live through. In short, and so you don’t waste your time, this is the tale of how I got pissed at my wife for having more sex than me, and how a hot college freshman and a couple of women from her past and helped me get a sense of closure.

But most of all it’s the story of how my wife came to be tied up, blindfolded and oiled, with three women taking turns to own her body, and how I was there and did what I wanted, and all without her knowing, or so I thought at the time.

I also fuck a tight-bodied fully-legal Asian teen in the ass, and get with the rich, degenerate bitch who set the whole scene up – so turn the page, it gets nasty.


“How’d I look?”

Jenn looked great.

It was her umpteenth date since we’d started this open relationship thing, and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Prepping to go off and get her brains fucked out while I sat home and jerked off.

She was in a tight blue dress that showed off all her curves. Since we’d entered the scene we’d both been eating better, working out more, and she had the kind of body I wanted to fuck all day and then flip over and fuck all night.

“You think she’ll like it?”

Jenn had met this girl who worked in coffee store downtown, a slim-waisted, big-titted, fully-legal Asian teen who was bi-curious and wanted an older woman to teach her how to eat pussy and fuck.

I volunteered my dick for extra-curricular activities, and looked forward to nailing this tight angel while kissing my wife as she sat on her face.

We had a pretty good marriage.


My wife had to go and pick Suzy up and bring her home, and I was going to stay there, smoke weed and get some ideas.

Jenn took the joint off me, hit it.

“You’ll play it cool?”

Holding the smoke in to the end

“Sure. I’ll sit and watch till she wants me to join in, you know how it goes.”

“Yeah. It’s just – she’s young. I don’t want to scare her. Don’t know when we’ll get a chance like this again.”

Jenn handed the joint back to me.

“Back in 20 or 30,” she said, “try not to start without us.”

The moment she was gone I sat down and started looked at some Asian schoolgirl porn, checking out the shaved pussies and tight assholes peeking out from under plaid skirts, imagining my dick squeezing in there.

I was going to have a blast.

“Hi hon, this is Suzy.”

I had hopes, but she looked even better. Cute as a doll, with long black hair, smooth skin and high tits that stretched out her crop top and made it lift up to show her small waist.

She was wearing tight jeans on a round ass I wanted to squeeze, and when she came close she smelled like peaches.

I was doing good with Jenn, Amy and the rest of the mid-life crisis crew, but I hadn’t fucked a woman like this in years.

“Hi,” I said, holding out a joint, “nice to meet you.”

“Thanks,” she said, inhaling. “Your wife’s hot.”

Jenn laughed.

“You’re so polite – I love it. Do you really think you can break me?”

“I don’t know. I guess.”

This was a new development.

“Tell him, Suzy. Show me you can do it.”

The girl bit her lip and looked down.

“Well – I have a professor. She’s a bitch. Looks a lot like Jenn. I want to make her eat my pussy and rub it in her face when I’m cumming, I want to call her a stupid cunt and fuck her ass with a dildo.”

 “Good girl, Suzy,” Jenn said, stroking the girl’s back. “Just be honest with yourself. Now tell Steve what else you want.”

“I want someone to train my ass.”

Jenn was grinning as much as I was.


Suzy had a backpack with her.

She put it on the table and opened it.

“I brought some things. Maybe we could try them?”

She pulled out her toys. They were still in their packages and Jenn picked each one up, took a look, then passed it to me.

There was a strap-on, a double-headed dildo, a vibrating ass toy, two buttplugs, a dildo shaped like a forearm with a fist, a pack of bondage ropes, a blindfold, a dog collar, a leash, some lube, a maid outfit and a schoolgirl outfit.

The girl had a worried look on her face.

“Is that OK?”

Jenn put a hand on her thigh.

“Oh honey, it’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

She lent in and kissed her on the mouth.

When they broke apart Suzy shot a look at me, then back at my wife.

“I think you should tell him.”

“Hon,” Jenn said, “can we have a word, in private?”

I was still holding the lube when I followed her into the bedroom.


If you’ve read some of our other adventures then maybe you’ll remember we have a one-way mirror set in the bedroom door, looking out into the living room, so we could keep an eye on Suzy as she got high and sorted out the stuff on the table.

Jenn gave me a kiss, squeezed my cock through my pants, and bounced on the spot.

“Fuck – did you see what she brought? I’m so wet.”

I had a vision of me fucking Suzy from behind while she was eating Jenn out.

I saw them French-kissing around my cock and swapping spit and sperm.

I almost came in pants, ready to hear my role in the set-up.

“What does she want you to say?”

“Well, she said she’s not OK with all this.”

“What – she doesn’t want to fuck?”

“No, she wants to fuck. As soon as possible. We made out a little in the elevator. Her tits are a-mazing. It’s almost like they’re still growing”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Jenn shrugged, gave a sad smile.

“You, hon. I’m sorry.”


“Look. She’s got a boyfriend. He’s cool with her playing around with me, but he said no to a guy, and she thinks she ought to respect that. Kind of sweet, don’t you think?”

“So I have to leave while you two stay here and fuck?”

“I think you can watch – just no touching.”

“Not even you?”

“Come on, hon. You can fuck me anytime, and I don’t think it’s be fair. Let’s say me and Suzy are going at it, cunt to cunt, and you’re fucking me and slip out – what’s to say you won’t slide back into her and ruin the whole scene? Or if you’re fucking me and she’s sucking my clit, and your big balls keep smacking up against her face? Or you’re cumming on me and –”

“It’s OK, I get it.”

Meanwhile Suzy was opening the packages. We watched as she sniffed that dildo then took the schoolgirl outfit, stood up, and held it against her body.

“Look, I’m sure you can sit there and jack off. Just keep a safe distance. I really want to get hold of those tits, and can you imagine me as the bitch teacher she hate fucks, and then I turn the tables and sit on her face while going at her with those toys?

 “We talked about it on the way over, she’s knows what she wants, and it’s wild. But come on, she might be lonely, and I need to fuck.”


We went back into the living room, all smiles, and I sat in an armchair, thinking I could be cool with this.

After all, I’d sat in the same place before and watched Jenn get her ass waxed by young studs and gorillas she picked up in bars or online, only to jerk off or join in for the cumshot, so why not sit back and enjoy the scene about to play out in front of me now?

And I knew Jenn – if she felt guilty I’d get a thank-you blow job later.

“Want to try a little role-play?” she said, sitting next to Suzy on the couch.


“Well, what do you want to say to that professor?”

“I want to call her a bitch, and pull her hair, and spit in her face, and push my fingers down her throat.”

“Well, why don’t you start by calling me a bitch?”


“Sure, just go with it. Have fun – let it out.”

“Well, I think you’re a bitch, and – you never look at me right, you never seem happy with my answers, and you don’t appreciate my work, and I can’t stand it, and I want to sit on your face and fuck you in your ass, you dumb cunt!”

“That’s nice,” said Jenn, putting a hand on Suzy’s face and gently squeezing her cheeks together, so her lips pouted out, ridiculous.

“But what are you going to do about it? I bet you don’t even suck cock. I bet your dad cheats on your mom.”

Suzy knocked Jenn’s hand away and grabbed some of her hair, pulled it back a little, just enough to hurt.

They were testing each other’s limits, and I didn’t know if they would fight or fuck.

I liked it.

“You’re getting too old for this,” Suzy said, moving a hand over my wife’s ass. “I don’t think you know how to fuck anymore.”

“Oh, honey,” Jenn said, with snarl, “you just wait. I’ll broaden your horizons.”

Then Jenn broke character and smiled.

“Is this OK?”

 “Yeah,” Suzy said, letting go of my wife’s hair and nodding. “I like it a lot, but maybe –”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe we can go a little harder, is that OK?”

“Sure, you got a safe word?”

“A what?”

“A safe word. Something to say if you want to stop, so we can keep playing through ‘no’.”

“Wow. Good idea. OK….how about ‘rosebud’?”

“Rosebud it is, for me and for you.”


Suzy and Jenn started kissing, their hands moving over each other.

I held a cushion and imagined Suzy’s tits.

Suddenly the girl got hold of my wife’s hair again and pulled her head back, harder than before, so she gave a little gasp and then moaned.

“You want to see my tits, you old bitch? I know your husband does.” She turned to me and smiled. “Isn’t that true?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I guess.”

“I guess? Wrong answer, mister, so now I’m going fuck your wife, if that’s OK with her.”

“Yeah,” said Jenn, gasping, getting into it, “that’s very OK with me.”

Suzy moaned and put a few fingers up against my wife’s mouth.

She opened her lips and took them inside.

“Your husband seems nice, but I bet you haven’t been fucked by a girl like me in a long time.”

Unlike when Jenn slept with other guys, I wanted Suzy to be better than me. I wanted to see her totally dominate my wife, work her up and then make her cum hard in release.

The girl was now working her fingers deeper into Jenn’s mouth, and she tried to speak, but it came out a garbled moan. The girl kept her fingers moving around, working up some drool, while Jenn was playing with the girl’s tits through her top.

I rubbed my cock through my pants and lit a fresh joint.

It felt good, and I was getting into it.

Suzy pulled her fingers out my wife’s mouth and slid them down her jeans, masturbating while Jenn stood up and started undressing.

I was imagining how impressed this girl might be at my twenty years’ experience of fucking when she started pulling off her top and unclipping her bra. As her clothes disappeared I got my first real look at her tits – high and firm, without any slackness or sag, and those brown puffy nipples that stand out and beg for attention.


I had books older than this girl, but I felt the years drop away and watched Jenn lean in and start to kiss, lick and suck those tits, even getting in a little motorboat action.

What a woman.

What a wife.

Suzy stood up and started unbuttoning her jeans, and I saw that Jenn was already down to her underwear – a push-up bra, stockings, heels and no panties.

 “Still hot for teacher?” she said, and Suzy looked up and smiled.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I can bully you. You’re nice.”

“That’s OK,” Jenn said, taking the joint off me, hitting it, and passing it to Suzy. “We can take it slow. Get to know each other. I can make you me want to hate fuck me, and we’ve always got ‘rosebud’.”

Suzy smiled.

“It’s OK, I trust you.”

“That’s a girl,” said Jenn, “now you relax and I’ll go down on you.”

Suzy slid down her panties and stepped out of them. Her ass was small and perfect, and her pussy looked as tight as a whistle.

Jenn reached out and touched it, ran her fingers over the lips and sighed.

“How many times have you had sex? Like more or less than ten?”

“Quite a few,” she said, blushing. “But you’re my first woman, I promise.”

“It’s OK,” said Jenn, “you’re my first hot Asian teen.”

I had a vision of Jenn licking Suzy’s no doubt perfect asshole, easing it open for my dick.

I closed my eyes and saw them going ass-to-mouth.

I opened my eyes and there was Jenn kissing Suzy’s thighs, gently pulling her down on to the couch, until she ended up kneeling on the floor, her tongue lapping at the girl’s clit.

It was too good just to watch.


I took out my cock and started jerking off, opening the tube of lube that Suzy had brought.

I imagined my dick going into her tight pussy and then out into my wife’s mouth, over and over and again, the two of them play-fighting over my cock as it got ready to shoot a full sack-load on their faces.

I was just lubing up my dick and thinking about when Suzy would ask me to join in when she looked over, saw me jerking off and pushed Jenn away from her snatch.

“Uh-uh. Just me and your wife, mister, that’s all I’m here for.”

“Come on,” said Jenn, “let him jack off. He’s done this before.”

“Sorry. It’s him or me, but one of us is leaving.” She looked around for her panties, picked them up. “I promised I wouldn’t do this.”


“It’s OK,” I said, “I’ll just sit in the bedroom and read.”

I went in, closed the door, sat on the bed, and watched as they started making out again.

Suzy didn’t know about the mirror.


I could see Jenn on her knees, face between Suzy’s legs, ass in the air, wiggling at me, tempting me to go in and fuck around.

The girl was looking down in wonder at her pussy getting eaten by this hot older woman she really didn’t know at all.

“That’s it, get your tongue in there, or I’ll make husband to fall in love with me.”

She gripped Jenn’s head with both hands and was grinding her cunt against her face, and her moans started to get faster and louder, and it looked like she was going to cum soon, and then she lost it, went quiet, started looking bored, and finally tapped out.

Jenn put up her head.

“I’m sorry,” said Suzy, “I don’t think I can do it, not with him in there.”

“It’s OK,” Jenn said, “I’ll deal with it.”

I put my cock away and reached for my pants.

I knew what was coming, and felt like an idiot.

Was this what they’d planned all along?


“Look, I really want to fuck this girl, and she seems pretty set on you not being here, so – what do you say, take one for the team?”

Jenn was loving this.

I wanted to stick that fist-headed dildo up her ass and wipe the smile off her face, but I knew she’d enjoy that as much as me, if not more. For all Jenn’s confidence and control she liked being dominated sometimes, and I guess that’s why she was so hot for this girl.

 “Come on, hon,” Jenn said, “let me play with her this afternoon. Tonight’s yours, we’ll do anything you like. You can even help me work on my deep throat.”

It was true. She could use some practice with the last angry inch, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, my face buried in her snatch.

“OK,” I said. “You have fun. I’ll go out and look around.”

“Great,” she said, “I’ll let you know when you can come back. But you have fun, too. Maybe you can find someone of your own to play with, get a room at a motel.”

Fuck you, I thought, and went out with a grab bag of edibles.


I thought they’d need a couple of hours, so I got really high and walked around town, checking out things I’d only cycled passed before.

I was going to be with Jenn that night. Who cared who she was with all afternoon?

After three hours I decided to call and see if I could go home.

It was one of those bad ideas that turned out really great.

I called Jenn, but someone else answered – an unfamiliar woman.

“Who are you?”

“Celine. Celine Bondurant. One of Jenn’s old friends, me and Amy.”

“Is Jenn there?”

“Yeah, but she’s just tied up at the minute, and gagged. Can’t really use the phone”


“Yeah. Kept yelling ‘rose bowl’ or ‘rose ball’ or something when we had this fist thing in her. The girl thought it was really funny.”

“Suzy’s still there?”

“Sure, her, me, Amy, we’re all taking care of Jenn. Don’t worry. She’s doing fine. We’re keeping her hydrated. It’s your carpet that may have some problems.”

“Can I come back?”

“You can come back? That’s great. We need vodka, tonic, lemons, and ice, plus a lighter and some lube. And if you see any hand towels, get ‘em.”

I went to a couple of stores on the way home, then went up to the apartment.

I found sex, drugs, and chaos.

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    1. Not really. I was only interested because the title said, “Lesbian-owned Wife.”I then realized it was erotica, but I kept reading hoping to salvage some form of compelling plot twist or perhaps a heinous example of disgusting human nature. I abandoned that cause once I realized that it was shallow, poorly-scripted literary porn.


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