New story should be finished this weekend. Down to the final draft, when no major changes are made but there needs to be a lot of pruning of repetition and other deadwood.

Putting together the final draft sucks, just copy / pasting, rearranging, rewriting and deleting a mass of text until something hangs together as a first draft, and then that’s slowly tightened up until this point, the final draft, when I think fuck it, that’s it.

What happens now is a fun part of the process, different to the initial thrill of bashing out ideas for set-ups and pay-offs, but vastly more satisfying. Now the whole thing has taken shape, the end is near, and success, in terms of simple completion, is assured – all I have to do is take out typos, tics and failed tricks.

Check back in the first week of November and My Girl Swings Both Ways will be excerpted here and for sale on Amazon.


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