My Girl Swings Both Ways

My Girl Swings cover.pngA new story online today, an FFM tale with the same girl from Club Bangers. The start is below, and the full story can be had for US$1 here, or free with Kindle Unlimited / Amazon Prime. It’s also part of Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 3, along with Wife’s Escort Revenge and Jenn’s Movie Night.  A whole ‘girlfriend on MDMA sucks a bunch of dicks’ story in DOC format can be found here if you want something a little more extreme (and totally free.


I wrote about Suzy, an ex-girlfriend, in Club Bangers, and that got quite a response, so I thought I’d go back to that well with another adventure. This one isn’t a drug-fueled interracial gangbang spectacular – they can’t all be – but instead a romantic threesome, just me, Suzy and Kate.

Suzy was this Thai-American firecracker, and at this time she lived for fucking and parties, and although things were already falling apart I was having too much fun to notice.

Kate was Suzy’s co-worker at a hostel / coffee-store downtown, a very pale and curvy English girl, over here for a year or so before going back to the UK. She was 22, just out of school and kind of naïve, but real hot because of it, and very open to adventure, just a little unsure as to how to go about getting it.

Suzy said Kate had a boyfriend back home, was missing him a lot – “gagging for a shag”, in her words. Wanted to start working out and getting in shape before he flew out to meet her.

My girl was the right person to talk to, on both counts. Not only did she run, do yoga and generally live right for her body, but she also had no time for sexual frustration. If I wasn’t there to help her get off she had few qualms about hooking up with someone else and then coming back and telling me all about it while giving me sloppy blow job. I was kind of cool and uncool with all of it, which is to say I was freaked out and confused, but also cunt-struck and ass-dumb – Suzy was the hottest girl I’d ever been with – so I went along with it all, thinking I was being liberated or something, or maybe just not thinking at all.

Whatever my own problems with our relationship, Suzy saw Kate as an exotic, European friend and project, someone she could help get in shape and get laid.

“What do you have in mind for her?” I said.

“You, is that OK?”


Me fucking a soft-bodied, big-titted English girl with doe eyes, full lips, a boyfriend back home and a plane ticket out of here, with my Asian girlfriend nearby to lend a helping hand?

“Yeah,” I said, thinking about Kate’s full jugs and the possibility of fucking those and dropping loads all over that hot Euro face, “that’s very much OK.”


This effort obviously required some planning and finesse, so I let Suzy handle the details and did what I was told. The last thing I wanted was to blow my chance at a threesome.

My girl was sexy as fuck, but her tits were nothing to stop traffic, but Kate had these pillows that hung high on her chest and looked implausible. We’d gone over the beach and pool shots she’d posted online, and I knew Suzy couldn’t wait to get her hands on them, while I wanted to make sure I got least one top-shelf tit-fuck in this life, and it was time to seize the day.

The plan was simple. Kate had been asking Suzy how she kept such a tight body, and my girl said if she met at her at the beach she’d show her a work-out: some flexibility, cardio, and strength. Just come in gym clothes and bring something to change into later. After they worked out they’d come back to our place and take a shower, chill out and set the world to rights. Just two friends hanging out.

Oh, and me too, of course.

Two hot girls and a dick.


In the morning I went shopping for supplies, then came back, put the things away and considered my housework done for the weekend, so I got really high and caught up on my gaming.

The girls came back hot and sweaty from the beach, and I kept out of their way as they drank water and looked for something to eat.

“We need to shower – that OK?” Suzy said, sitting down on the couch next to me, tearing open a banana.

“Sure, you want me to cook or something?”

“It’s OK, mate,” Kate said, lighting a joint, taking a hit, then passing it to me. “Take this spliff and chill out – it’s the weekend.”

Her accent was that weird English thing that sounds like a joke, but her tits were serious as fuck. She was big, especially next to little Suzy, but it all worked because she had the bust to carry it off, plus the kind of hungry mouth that looked like it could really take a cock.

Kate looked at the fruit bowl and her tits strained against her bra as she jiggled, considering an apple, pear or banana.

“Sorry, have you got anything I can eat?”

“Yeah,” I said, “a lot.”


They raided the fridge for snacks, ate those then took two beers into the bathroom, turned on the water, and locked the door.

They came out smelling hot and clean, and hung out with me a little, opened more beers, got high again, then went to dry their hair and get dressed, while I kept playing games and trying not to think about fucking them both.

I didn’t want to get an erection and then have to hide it from Kate.

I didn’t want to tempt fate or push my luck.

I didn’t want to get caught with my desires.

They came back into the room with dry hair and mostly dressed, although neither of them had bras on, and I saw for the first time how deep Kate’s cleavage was and how firm her tits were. A few more years and they’d be sagging, maybe just a matter of months, but right now she was perfect.

I forced my eyes back to the screen and kept playing so as not to stare at Kate’s breasts, and the two girls sat around on the couch and floor, getting high and learning about each other, with me listening in.

Kate was talking about her roommate in college, said that she’d been such a slag, and Suzy didn’t know what that meant, and I didn’t either, but luckily the new girl saw confusion and clarified things.

“You don’t have slag? A slag is a slut, a slapper, the town bike, a ride. One of those.”

“Oh,” said Suzy, “like a skank.”

The conversation drifted on to something else, and when they’d been off sex for a while Suzy brought it up again.

“How are American guys different?”

“Different to what?”

“English guys, you know, in bed and out.”

“Oh, sorry. I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean – well, I haven’t made friends with any American boys, not like that. I’m, sure they’re very nice, though. I have a guy back home, remember, Liam, but he’s not much use out here, is her? I’m gagging for a shag.”


“A shag,” she said, “a fuck.”

That got Kate talking about different words from England, and I went back to my game until Suzy lit a joint, hit it, gave it to me, and then I passed to Miss Big Bust UK.

She put down her beer, inhaled, then took another hit and held it until she coughed out a huge cloud of smoke, her tits bouncing up and down as she shook.

She was just wearing a hoodie up top, and it came unzipped as she was coughing, and one of her tits popped out for a second and she pushed it back in, zipped up and went on as if nothing had happened, although it knocked her out of all that talk about sidewalk/pavement, fanny/cunt, cigarette/fag and back to the lack of dick in her life.

“I’m missing him a lot,” she said, “especially, you know – oh, god…I’m high as fuck, sorry. What was I saying?”

“You were saying you miss getting laid,” Suzy said.


“Yeah,” Suzy said, “isn’t that right, babe?”

“That’s what I heard,” I said, and felt the ground shift beneath me.

“Well, yes. I am missing it. It’s been a long time, and he’s not coming out for ages.”

She took a long drink of her beer.

“I really should get a vibrator.”


Kate talked about this older actress in the UK who was dating two younger guys, and the star was quite open about it all, bringing them to parties and premieres, leaving everyone to speculate as to what happened in the bedroom, with the general consensus being that the guys were bisexual and / or she liked getting dicked at both ends.

“Can I ask a question?” Suzy said.


“You ever been with two guys?”

“No, not all the way. Have you?”

“Well,” she looked at me, and I nodded, high as fuck and happy to see where this would go, remembering how good Suzy had looked getting spit-roasted, and thinking that if this all turned into a surprise gangbang, if she’d arranged for two, three, or more guys to turn up and help fuck her and Kate, then I could live with that, as long as I got to join in and they brought their own weed.

“Well, yes,” Suzy said, “I have. More than two, in fact.”

“No way!”

“It’s true,” I said, “I was there.”

“You fucked her too?”

“No,” my girl said, “he just watched. But it was great, and I got so stuffed.”

Kate turned to me.

“You don’t get jealous?”

“No, she lets me play too.”

“What, other girls?”

“Why not?” Suzy said. “And if the girl’s hot then, sure, I’d join in. I mean – only another woman knows, right?”

There was silence, then we all laughed.

“Why not?” Suzy said. “It’s just sex.”


“I went away for a weekend with this older woman,” she said, having already told Kate about that gangbang that I mentioned at the start of this tale, and quickly moving on to the next transgression.

“Some of her girlfriends came along, too. She taught me a lot about my body. They all did. I liked it. I think it made me happier, in bed and out.”

“You think you’re bisexual?” Kate said.

“Maybe. Who knows? I’m still learning.”

“I don’t think Liam would understand,” Kate said. “He doesn’t even like other boys looking at me.”

She turned to me.

“You really don’t get jealous when you see her kissing other guys?”

“No,” I said, trying to keep things simple, trying to get my hands on her tits.

“Hey,” said Suzy. “Do you want to fuck my boyfriend?”

Kate looked shocked, then smiled.

“Blimey, you two are forward.”

Then the whole thing started happening.

Get the full story at Amazon (link), or check it out in one of my collections (see the books page for details).

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