Jenn Makes a Movie

The next story will probably be called Jenn Makes a Movie, with the same couple as Watching Her Fun, Backpacker Pick-up and Lesbian-owned Wife. Should get the first draft done next week, then have it online by the end of November.

In the following extract the narrator is naked, with his hands cuffed behind his back, and he has to keep quiet while watching some amateur porn his wife just made, with the promise of fun with Jenn and Amy if he does.

“You like the big cocks, don’t you?”

“Yes,” my wife said. “The bigger the better, to a point.”

“Is your husband’s this big?”

She shook her head.

“No, no it’s not.”

Her eyes shifted from his to the camera as he pushed his cock passed her lips and into the back of her throat, looking at me while he was using her.

Good girl,” the guy said, patting her head. “That’s great. You know how to suck cock.”

Jenn tilted her head to the side so that her cheek was full of dick. She looked up at the guy while sucking him off, a smile in her eyes, then stared into the camera and really went to work. Pretty soon there were strings of spit hanging from her lips and breaking as he pulled back, and then she moved up and put his cock between her tits, bouncing on her heels, while she licked the head.

“Damn,” said Amy, “you don’t waste time.”

“Thanks,” said my wife, her eyes still on the screen, watching herself sucking cock.

Suddenly there was a loud hum and low buzz. Amy had turned the vibrator on. I expected to see her rolling it over her cunt, but instead she moved it close to my balls and then moved it over them.

Fuck, it was good, but I couldn’t say anything, just moaned.

I wanted someone to start sucking my dick.

Jenn smiled at the camera, her face from a week ago, now looking at me.

“Enjoying the show?”

“Yeah,” I said, back in the here and now, and Jenn paused the video, lightly smacked my cock.

“Another word and you’ll have to leave.”

I sighed and scowled at her, while Amy kept on going over my balls with the vibrator – nobody touching my dick.

“Sorry,” my wife said, “but it’s all part of the plan.”

What plan? My cock ached and all I wanted us to do was chill out and touch each other in a gentle threesome while watching my wife get fucked on screen — was that too much to ask?

“Poor baby,” said Amy, and then she tied her hair back, put her head down and sucked my cock while going over my balls with that vibrator.

This was more like it, and I moaned in delight.

“Good,” said Jenn, “now shut up and enjoy it.”

I did what I was told, and then my wife restarted the video and Amy stopped sucking my cock and took the vibrator from my balls, started moving it over her pussy.

The guy laughed as he grabbed two bunches of Jenn’s hair and held them up like pigtails as he fucked her face.

“How does it feel to cheat on your husband? You like it?” he asked.

Jenn had a cock stuffed in her mouth, and all that came out was a muffled “yeah” while she was looking right at the camera.

She was doing this for me.


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