The scene cut to Jenn on the bed with her legs open

Slow work, but I think it’s good. Will finish the near final draft of Jenn’s Movie Night (or Jenn Makes a Movie) in the next few days, then aim to let it sit a while before the proofreading. Should be online in a week, along with Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Vol. 3.

Here’s what I was working on while getting high and drinking just before I decided to make this post. I should say the husband is handcuffed and has to keep quiet in this scene, or no release, and there’s also another guy in the video and girl in the room. All text subject to correction and change before publication.

The scene cut to Jenn on the bed with her legs open.

“She’s wet,” Chris said, and the camera zoomed in to show he had three fingers in my wife’s pussy, a thumb on her clit, and his pinky all the way up her ass.

He pulled his fingers out and offered them up to her. She kept looking at him as she opened her mouth and licked them clean.

“I need to get fucked,” she said, “and right fucking now.”

Jenn paused the video and turned to me.

“How you doing, hon?”

I nodded, then looked down at my cock and wiggled it in the air, desperate for attention.

She put the tips of her fingers on my dick and stroked it, bringing me right to the edge.

“Are you ready to see more?”

I nodded and moaned.

“Good,” she said, leaning down to lick the head of my cock a few times before taking it into her mouth, and then sliding down until it was in her throat and she had her tongue out and lapping at my balls, just like she’d done for this stranger on-screen.

I felt so fucking special.

She held her mouth there as long as possible, and when she needed to swallow and breath she pulled back, wiped her lips, then went back to rubbing her cunt with that vibrator, moving from clit to ass.

She knew what we were watching, and knew when she wanted to cum.


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