Kill Your Darlings

Got the first draft of Jenn’s Movie Night done, ready for editing over the weekend. Sad to cut the following, but maybe it’ll turn up elsewhere.

“I’m gonna cum.”

“I know,” said Celine, grinding her ass against me, “just do it.”

So I let go and felt the hot jizz fill up her cunt as my wife sat on one side of me jerking off and Amy sat on the other, and not for the first time I wondered what the I’d say if someone asked about our marriage.

“It’s pretty good,” perhaps, or “we fuck other people.”

It didn’t matter, it was all true, and as my cock jerked spastic into Celine’s pussy, my hands cuffed to a chair and my wife and Amy jerking themselves to completion beside me, I knew there was nothing I could say that would really make sense, that wouldn’t make it seem like a cheap fantasy, unreal, but this was the truth – we had accepted our sexualities and were acting on them, and had a close circle of friends who did likewise, and a growing circle of acquaintances who, for an afternoon or an evening, were drawn into our world, and then went off to share their own tales of polyamory, threesomes, and so on.

“It’s just sex,” as Celine used to say, but to me that was like “it’s just money” or “just death” – a big statement that only worked if you had no anxiety about the focal issue.

I wanted money, and I was coming up on middle age and more scared of death than I’d been since a teenager, but I could still get high and fuck, and had three women getting off with me on a Friday night at home.

This was something I could live for.


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