Time to type this up

This is from the start of the first draft of Jenn’s Movie Night. All text subject to correction and change before publication.

I work at home, and that means I can get high and do whatever I want, as long as the job gets done and the bills get paid, which is why I’ve got time to type this up.

So I was bashing away on the machine one day when Jenn sent a message from the office: Don’t jerk off. Got a nice surprise. Amy’s coming over to watch The Movie.

The Movie, as we’d both taken to calling it, had been Jenn’s special project the last few days or so, something she’d been obsessing over, editing alone with headphones on and the door shut, and now she was ready for the premiere. It was a video she’d shot with one of her fuck buddies, and I was naturally curious as to what she’d gotten up to, and also liked the fact that she was into something creative again, albeit fucking other people on camera, for no money.

I didn’t even know what was in the movie. Jenn had gone out to hook up with this college guy she’d seen a few times before, and she’d taken along a little camera we had, just to see herself on screen.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

“I want to make some porn,” she’d said, and I told her there was no money in that, and she said she didn’t care.

“I’m doing it for fun, and if I like it, and it’s good, well there must be some money, right? Views on a tube site or something? Anyway, Amy says she knows someone in the business, and Celine’s family was in it back in the 70s, when it was all peep shows and loops. I think we can do something here.”

Amy and Celine – of course.

Now Amy was a lot of fun, big tits and very active, and with a number of small businesses she ran from her phone that all seemed to involve sex and drugs she was definitely my kind of girl. But beyond all that she was smart, confident and fun. She worked hard and made the best of her luck.

So did Celine, in her own way, but she was this rich bitch, still is, who treated life as a party and never had to worry about covering her ass if the tide went out.

While Jenn and Amy had gone to college together Celine was about a decade older, a real corrupting influence and total mid-40s sex machine.

She had a husband, but I’d never met him, and heard she kept his dick under lock and key.

Overall she was the kind of woman I’d be obsessed with if I didn’t know how badly it would end, so I tried to keep my distance unless I knew what was planned.

But Amy? We hadn’t fucked in months, so I was happy she was coming over to hang out and watch porn with my wife.

I thought I was ready for anything.

This story is about the same couple as Watching Her Fun, Backpacker Pick-up and Lesbian-owned Wife. Considering moving this series from cuckold to cuckquean.


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