Coming soon – Jenn’s Movie Night

This story is about the same couple as Watching Her FunBackpacker Pick-up and Lesbian-owned Wife. They also turn up in How I Became a Manwhore, which is less of a ‘hot wife’ story and more of stepmom / milf thing, but no less fun because of that, IMHO.

Anyway, here’s some more of Jenn’s Movie Night, still subject to correction and change.

I got high before Jenn came back, and then we got high together and hung out, showered, ate a little and drank, watched TV until Amy arrived.

She came into the apartment and we hugged, and she pulled me close so her tits were pressed up against me, then jiggled from side to side.

“Still like me?”

“Yeah,” I said, “always.”

We sat on the couch facing the screen, some drinks and things to smoke on the table, Jenn ready with the remote.

“Hon, before we start the evening’s entertainment I have one or two rules, so you don’t get out of hand with us two, beautiful women here.”

“OK,” I said, ready to play.

“First, don’t say anything during the movie.”

“Or else?”

My wife perked up.

“Or else you don’t get to cum with us tonight,” she said, “and that would really suck.”

“OK. What’s the other rule?”

“You’ve got to do everything we tell you to,” said Amy.

“Oh,” said Jenn, “that’s a good one. Now go into the bedroom and get the suitcase, hon.”

It was a good thing I didn’t have to ask her which one.

See other excerpts or off-cuts in previous posts, and the full story will probably be online at the end of the week.


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