“You kiss that mouth?”

Here’s some more of Jenn’s Movie Night, still subject to correction and change. At this point the narrator is naked and handcuffed, sitting between his wife (Jenn) and her best friend (Amy), watching the former get fucked on-screen

“You’re such a good cocksucker,” Justin said, reaching down to grab a handful of my wife’s hair.

“That’s it,” Chris said, as his friend worked up speed in her mouth, “now fuck the pretty off her face.”

Justin did, and when it looked like was about to go too far he pulled out, put his balls in her mouth, and rested his dick on her nose.

“You let your husband do that?”

Jenn nodded, then reached for Chris’s pole, spat out Justin’s balls, and got both heads in her mouth, rubbing them over each other.

“Damn, we’ve got a winner right here. Maybe she can stay. You want a room and all the cocks you can eat?”

Jenn took a hand from one of the cocks and gave a thumbs up, her mouth still crammed full.

Amy took that vibrator off my balls, squeezed my dick and got my attention.

“You kiss that mouth?”

“Shhh,” said Jenn, “come on. He’s still my husband.”

Then she turned and kissed me, and I opened my mouth and our tongues were together as one of her friends jerked me off while in the background played a video of her getting fucked by two college kids.

I wondered, and not for the first time, how other people lived, and if they were truly happy.

I was, but I wondered if I should be.

Busy with real life, but still aim to get this finished by the weekend. See more excerpts in earlier posts.


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