Jenn’s Movie Night

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Here’s the first 1.8k words of Jenn’s Movie Night, while a whole ‘girlfriend on MDMA sucks a bunch of dicks’ story in DOC format can be found here if you want something a little more extreme:


Jenn and I are self-styled swingers, in that we have an open relationship, but also like to party together – threesomes, partner swapping, and so on – and things can get pretty dynamic and emotional, as it’s all fun and games until someone feels bad. That’s kind of what this is, as I end the main scene unsatisfied, and feeling cheated, but when seen as part of life’s rich tapestry, in the context of what came before and after, then it’s no wonder this all sticks in my head.

It was, after all, what started my brief career as an amateur porn star, although that particular debut will come in another story.

So when you read about Jenn and Amy ruining my orgasm, and me feeling awful, don’t sweat the small stuff. It took our relationship to another level, and I learned more about the highs and lows in myself, and started plotting my revenge, the day when Jenn would become a full-on, creampie eating cuckquean.

Still, that might all sound rather complex and depressing, especially if you came here for the usual ‘hot wife’ story of blah blah blah.

But it shouldn’t. This is basically a story in which you get me, a couple of women, my wife in a compromising MMF situation, all on camera, and then?

Then fuck it, enough with the synopsis, you know if you’re interested or not.

This is another ‘hot wife’ story, and I hope you enjoy it.


I work at home, which means I can get high and do whatever I want, as long as the job gets done and the bills get paid, which is why I’ve got time to type this up.

So I was bashing away on the keyboard one day when Jenn sent a message from the office: Don’t jerk off. Got a nice surprise. Amy’s coming over to watch The Movie.

The Movie, as we’d both taken to calling it, had been Jenn’s special project the last week or so, something she’d been obsessing over, editing alone with headphones on and the door shut, and now she was ready for the premiere. It was a video she’d shot with one of her fuck buddies, and I was curious as to what she’d gotten up to, and also liked the fact that she was into something creative again, albeit fucking other people on camera, for no money.

I didn’t even know what was in the movie. Jenn had gone out to hook up with this college guy she’d seen a few times before, and she’d taken along a little camera we had, just to see herself on-screen.

Well, that’s not entirely true. She had something bigger in mind.

“I want to make some porn,” she’d said, and I told her there was no money in that, and she said she didn’t care.

“I’m doing it for fun, and if I like it, and it’s good, well there must be some money, right? Views on a tube site or something? Anyway, Amy says she knows someone in the business, and Celine’s uncle was in it back in the 70s, when it was all peep shows and loops. I think we can do something here.”

Amy and Celine – of course.

Now Amy was a lot of fun, big tits and very active, and with a number of small businesses she ran from her phone that all seemed to involve sex and drugs she was definitely my kind of girl. But beyond all that she was smart, confident and fun. She worked hard and made the best of her luck.

So did Celine, in her own way, but she was this rich bitch, still is, who treated life as a party and never had to worry about covering her ass if the tide went out.

While Jenn and Amy had gone to college together Celine was about a decade older, a real corrupting influence and total mid-40s sex machine, the kind of woman who could break a man.

She had a husband, but I’d never met him, and heard she kept his dick under lock and key.

Overall I’d be obsessed with her if I didn’t know how badly it would end, so I tried to keep my distance unless I knew what was planned. But Amy? We hadn’t fucked in months, so I was happy she was coming over to hang out and watch porn with my wife.

I thought I was ready for anything.


Amateur porn was the new fantasy on Jenn’s part, now she’d given up philosophy and art, and it was clear that wealth was not on either of our career paths. If we wanted a nice home and plausible retirement we needed more money coming in. This was a chance for Jenn to escape the rat race, even though she was in her mid-30s and knew little about the business.

Two things hung in her favor: she looked good naked and fucked like a demon.

I wondered why she didn’t want to film with me, but I kind of knew the answer. She probably wanted a bigger cock, a younger face, and anyway, I wouldn’t have agreed. One thing I like is my anonymity – you’re not going to find me naked online so everyone can see me forever.

At least that’s what I thought at the time, before the whole thing got flipped, like I’ll tell you later, but right now, where we are in the story, I tried to talk Jenn out of it, worried that the movie would leak and there’d be all kinds of trouble, but she insisted it was just for fun, an experiment, nothing she’d take any further.

“Still,” she said, “imagine if we could quit our jobs and I’d just have to suck a cock or two each week on camera, and we could spend the rest of the time getting high and working out?”

Yeah, I could imagine that.

It had been a dream of mine ever since I’d stumbled across my first VHS tape, a grainy movie from the Golden Age – Aunt Peg Goes to Hollywood. I wanted to be paid for sex, I just lacked the confidence and dick, and now I thought I was too old to get in the business and lived in the middle of nowhere.

So I understood where Jenn was coming from and told her I was cool with her making a movie, and she went off and filmed something, came back excited, and then spent a few evenings editing it until she was ready with a cut she wanted to show me and Amy.

Put like that it seems a simple tale, but things got weird real fast.


I got high before Jenn came back, and then we got high together and hung out, showered, ate a little and drank, watched TV until Amy arrived.

She came into the apartment and we hugged, and she pulled me close so her tits were pressed up against me, then jiggled from side to side.

“Still like me?”

“Yeah,” I said, “always.”

We sat on the couch facing the screen, some drinks and things to smoke on the table, Jenn ready with the remote.

“Hon, before we start the evening’s entertainment I have one or two rules, so you don’t get out of hand.”

“OK,” I said, ready to play.

“First, don’t say anything during the movie.”

“Or else?”

My wife perked up.

“Or else you don’t get to cum with us tonight, and that would really suck.”

“OK. What’s the other rule?”

“You’ve got to do everything we say,” said Amy.

“Oh,” said Jenn, “that’s a good one. Now go into the bedroom and get the suitcase, hon.”

It was a good thing I didn’t have to ask her which one.


I went into the bedroom and pulled out the lime green carry-on we kept under the bed.

I brought it out and set it on the coffee table in front of Jenn and Amy, clicked it open and raised the lid, like I was showing off something wild.

Dildos, vibrators, buttplugs, strap-ons, ropes, blindfolds, outfits, lubricants, rubber gloves and condoms. It looked excessive, but everything was part of our lives.

“Take your clothes off,” Jenn said, and I got a sound out before Amy put a finger to her lips and went “shhhh” and I remembered the rules and felt like an idiot.

While I got naked Jenn and Amy set about getting baked, and when I was standing there trying to look good they told me sit down between them and gave the joint, told me to smoke it.

They went into the suitcase and through the sex toys, with Amy choosing a great big fuck-off ‘massager’ that plugs into the mains and does the job, and Jenn taking out a vibrating clamshell thing, a short, fat dildo, and some handcuffs I’d never seen before.

At least they left the strap-ons inside.

“You high enough?” she said.

I nodded.

“Good, and good on not talking. Now put your hands behind your back.”

I did, and she put the cuffs on, which wasn’t as bad as you might think, as these were padded, well-made for comfort and strength – the kind of thing you’d arrest a king with.

I ended up sitting naked, hands cuffed behind my back, between two women who were getting high and comparing plans for the holiday weekend.

In all the excitement I’d almost forgotten – we were here to watch my wife get fucked on-screen.


I saw this movie again later that day, and then a few times after that.

I don’t think it ever ended up online, but maybe you’ve seen it too.

It’s called something like amateur milf fucked by two guys.

It started with Jenn on her knees looking into the camera. She was wearing jeans and a light blouse but no bra, her tits swaying as she moved her hips a little, hands behind her back, excited and nervous.

A guy’s voice.

“OK, Jenn, Jenny, Jennifer. What do you prefer?”

“Jenn, Jenny. Whatever.”

“Well then, tell us a little about yourself, Jennifer. You look like a nice, respectable woman. What are you doing here?”

“Making a movie.”


“It turns me on, and, well – I want to show my husband.”

“You’re doing this for him?”

“Kinda, yeah. Doing it for my hon.”

“Wow – what a loving wife.”

Jenn blushed on-screen, and next to me she gave my thigh a squeeze, and I wanted to ask if any of this was scripted, how much she was in control.

Or maybe that was her thing – submission outside, domination at home.

I wanted to know what this guy knew about me.

I wondered where he lived.

The room on-screen looked like standard college flop – a desk, a bed, a pile of clothes pushed into the corner.

Jenn was standing near a door, and I guessed the guy was holding the camera.

I had to remember that she’d been sitting on this movie for at least a week. That it was edited, and whatever I saw she’d chosen to include.

The auteur theory as applied to amateur porn.

I smiled.

My education had not been entirely wasted.

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