“You ever been with two guys?”

Here’s an excerpt from My Girl Swings Both Ways, and the full story can be had here (free with Kindle Unlimited / Amazon Prime). It’s also part of Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 3, along with Wife’s Escort Revenge and Jenn’s Movie Night.

“Can I ask a question?” Suzy said.


“You ever been with two guys?”

“No, not all the way. Have you?”

“Well,” she looked at me, and I nodded, high as fuck and happy to see where this would go, remembering how good Suzy had looked getting spit-roasted, and thinking that if this all turned into a surprise gangbang, if she’d arranged for two, three, or more guys to turn up and help fuck her and Kate, then I could live with that, as long as I got to join in and they brought their own weed.

“Well, yes,” Suzy said, “I have. More than two, in fact.”

“No way!”

“It’s true,” I said, “I was there.”

“You fucked her too?”

“No,” my girl said, “he just watched. But it was great, and I got so stuffed.”

Kate turned to me.

“You don’t get jealous?”

“No, she lets me play too.”

“What, other girls?”

“Why not?” Suzy said. “And if the girl’s hot then, sure, I’d join in. I mean – only another woman knows, right?”

There was silence, then we all laughed.

“Why not?” Suzy said. “It’s just sex.”


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