“I mean, that’s my fantasy too”

Final draft of Hostel DP is done, now just got to sit on it for a day and then read through again to catch the last typos. Should be on Amazon by Friday night (US time) and will also post the first third here. Here’s how it begins, still subject to correction and change: and now on Amazon (US link), with a longer sample (2k words) posted here.


Me and Bree had been traveling across America, coast to coast, the classic trip, done backpack style. It was kind of great – no school, no work, but also kind of sucky – cheap hostels and motels, boring menus and the realization that we didn’t have enough money to do the kind of things we wanted, and no idea how to get it. That and the fact that we were getting on each other’s nerves, living in each other’s pockets and not really liking it anymore.

We were on the trip to make a decision about the future, and I knew by the time we got back home and mulled things over we were probably going to split up and get out while the going was easy, before we started buying appliances or talking about kids.

I was cool with ending things here and not taking them to the next level. Sure, Bree was fun and I loved fucking her, but it was a college relationship that had gone on too long, doomed and near the end of the ride.

As our trip wound down on the West Coast there were at least three things I wanted to do before the end: fuck my girlfriend in the ass, cum in her face, and share her with another man.


I liked Bree a lot, she had these great tits, full lips, permanent tan and trashy, bleach blonde hair that turned me on, but there were things I wanted to do that made me feel like a freak, so I was scared of even thinking about them, no matter how much fun I had when I did.

Sexually we’d had a pretty eventful trip, one of the highlights of which was getting a blow job in the Grand Canyon while on MDMA, but I also have happy memories of fucking Bree from behind in a motel in Austin, and a party of people in the room next door cheering us on.

I’d fantasized that some of them had knocked on the door and they’d come in and joined us, the men outnumbering the women, Bree in a circle of dicks.

In Vegas we’d gone into a sex store and got a vibrating rubber cock.

Later Bree stuck the end of that dildo up my ass while blowing me, and she said I could do the same to her sometime, just not now, not today.

We were kids in our 20s – having fun, trying to make a connection.

Later in this story that same dildo goes in my girlfriend’s ass while she has two cocks in her cunt, but that was a week or two away when this all came up the first time, when we were rolling in the Grand Canyon and I told her what I wanted, but afterwards, when we’d come down and straightened out, we didn’t talk about it again, and I thought maybe she thought I was joking about the whole DP thing, or maybe she’d forgotten.

But I wasn’t joking and she didn’t forget.

Now I knew what I wanted, and I’ll be frank on that point. I wanted to see Bree with a good-looking guy, so she’d be all excited, making out and playing with his cock, and then the two of them fucking, and me joining in.

It took me years to work up the courage, but there we were, high as fuck and sharing our wants and needs, and I found my voice and spoke out.

That scene went something like this:

“I, well, I, I –”

This was awful, but I was feeling really good on that ecstasy, so I knew that I could do this if I didn’t think about the future.

“What is it?”

“I want to you.”

“Oh, OK, well –“

“No, I didn’t finish. I want you to fuck another guy, and I want to be there too.”


“You’re joking?”

“No, sorry. It’s a bad idea, I –“

“No, it’s OK, I mean, that’s my fantasy too.”

“What is?”

“Being with another man in front of you. I’ve always wanted to do it, and now, well – it’s the perfect time.”


“Why? Because I think we’re splitting up at the end of this trip – don’t you? The magic’s kind of gone, and I want to get on with my life. I want to go back to school. I want to be a teacher.”

We hadn’t talked about any of this again, but now, on almost the last stop of our trip, Bree was all up in my face about “the deal” we’d made, and how I had “promised, no demanded” that she sleep with another guy, and she really wanted it to happen.

“You want me to pick a big tough guy, don’t you?”

“Just choose someone you want to fuck,” I said, “I want you to enjoy it.”

She kissed me.

“I just want a handsome guy, with a good body. Personality doesn’t matter. Someone out of my league. Someone who just wants to fuck me.”

And with a big cock, I thought, don’t forget one of those.

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