Buck naked, with an erection and a black Venetian mask.

Another excerpt from Loving Wife Online, which will be finished today, I think, with all text subject to possible correction and change. It has the same narrator as How I Became a Manwhore. Follow me here or on my author page to find out when it’s online. I’m also now on Twitter and Facebook.

Tara made some last adjustments to her outfit, finished her champagne.

 “Oral only on camera, OK? He just wants to see me to suck your cock and then you give me a facial. Think you can do that?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Great, then after that, when I’ve said goodbye, I’ll get you to fuck me. You can do that, right? Cum and stay hard, maybe cum again?”

“Sure,” I said, “you really turn me on.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, but seemed very happy.

“OK – you get off camera and I’ll introduce us.”

“Sure,” I said, walking so I was behind the computer, holding that vaporizer pen and taking another hit. “Just let me know when you want me.”

“Don’t worry, kid, you’ll know.”

She pressed a button, and the speakers came to life with some ambient noise from wherever her husband was sitting.

“Hi, Frank,” Tara said, “hope I didn’t keep you waiting.”

“You got someone there?”

“Yes, and he’s lovely.”

“Got a big cock?”

“Of course, dear. You know me.”

“Yep. That I do.”

I heard a lighter spin and the guy inhale, hold it, exhale.

He sounded pretty excited.

“OK. Bring out the gimp, Tara, show me what you got.”

She looked up and beckoned me over with a finger and smile.

“Showtime, kid. Time to rock out with your cock out.”

I walked in front of the camera and stopped just to the side of her. She was sitting down and my dick was level with her face.

I waved at the camera and saw myself onscreen.

Buck naked, with an erection and a black Venetian mask.

It was a strong look, but it worked, and a big part of that was the bottle blonde MILF with her hands on my dick and her hot breath up and down the shaft.

I heard the husband hit a lighter again, burn something, inhale and cough.

“Hey, kid, can you hear me behind that mask?”

“Yes, sir.”


He laughed.

“You fucking idiot. All cock and no head, eh? No wonder you’re a whore. Well, no matter, my wife seems to like you, the fucking slu–“

Tara hit the mute button.

“I can’t hear you, Frank, and I can’t see you or your little dick, thank god, and you know what they say about out of sight out of mind?”

She turned the sound back on again.

“–king cunt and your fucking toy boy and –“

She turned the sound off.

“Doesn’t that piss him off?” I said.

She shrugged.

“I think he likes it.”

She turned the sound on and off again a few times.

All that came from the speakers was an angry mumbling and the sound of things being moved.

Frank sounded really fucked up, and I felt a wave of paranoia, the weed hitting me hard.

Maybe this guy wasn’t that far away but only in the next room, waiting for something to happen, or his wife to give the word, before coming in and doing something fierce and unexpected.

“OK, Frank,” Tara said, “time to take the rest of your medicine, I’m going to start sucking his cock now.”

I was naked and on camera.

What the fuck had I gotten into?

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