I felt like I was home

Got a week’s vacation, and thought I’d be able to put together another story, but the priority has got to be reviewing / practicing everything I learned from that intensive language course before it fails to take root.

That said, still working on notes for Two Cheating Girlfriends & Me. Here’s an excerpt, before the second girl arrives, all subject to correction and change. Follow me here or on my Amazon author page to find out when it’s done.

She took my hand and lead me to her bedroom.

“I want to suck your cock,” she said.

“OK, but you’ve got to let me see those tits first, they’re –”

“These?” she said, pointing to her breasts and smiling.

I blushed, like an idiot, as if this kind of talk wasn’t kind of OK now.

She laughed.

“Don’t worry. I’m used to it. I like it. Tell you what, if you go down and get me off I’ll let you fuck my tits, then we can really make a scene.”

“Great,” I said, while she took off her panties and bra, and I got a real good look for the first time. DD, F, or something like that – big, high and exciting. My mouth was watering and my dick was hard.

She sat on my lap so her tits were in my face. I closed my eyes and put my head between them and she pushed them together.

I felt like I was home.

I reached down and she parted her legs and I felt the slit of her cunt all smooth and wet, slipped a couple of fingers inside and kept a thumb circling her clit.

We sat like that a while, and when my head wasn’t between her tits we were kissing or I was sucking her nipples, and sometimes we just held each other and cuddled.

We were going to fuck, that was certain, it was just a matter of setting the mood.

And if you’re curious about my work, Club Bangers, an  interracial ‘shared girlfriend’ gangbang story is still free to read via the look inside and send sample to Kindle features for Hot Wives & Girlfriends: volumes 1, 2 & 3, which itself is 300+ pages of fun for women who want more, and the men who love them. I hope you enjoy it.


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