Wake, bake and type

On leave, so I wake, bake and type. Went back and forth on the narrator for the current project, but just decided to make it part of Jenn’s Tail, or a side story, as she evolves from hot wife to cuckquean and her husband comes out of his shell.

So here’s what I just wrote for what may be the start of Two Cheating Girlfriends & Me, all subject to correction and change. Follow me here or on my Amazon author page to find out when it’s done.

My name’s Steve, and I’m married to a woman called Jenn, and we have an open relationship, and it seems to work, as long as we’re honest with each other, emotionally and narratively. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have some secrets, they’re just different to the ones we’d have if we had to creep around and fuck behind each other’s back. One of our secrets is we like to keep our openness hidden, as much as possible, keeping our fuck buddies mostly separate from our ‘real friends’, although sometimes a little spillover is inevitable. If you like a person, you like them, and you think you can’t just use them for sex, even though that’s what you both agreed.

So it’s usually good when something happens that reminds you this isn’t love, not romantic love, and your casual partner isn’t an easy answer to your mid-30s crises or dreams, that you need to build a real life with your significant other or take the leap into separation, divorce, and so on, all ahead of the next great sex with someone else who’ll rock your world and put everything in doubt. And realistically, what do I have to offer a girl in her early twenties beyond a few good times and personal growth?

Sometimes you need to realize that you’re part of someone else’s plan, and that’s what happened in this story, when I got set up and played by two delightful young women who had designs of their own on each other – me playing the dick to their growing lesbian romance.

One of our fuck buddies – a term I don’t like, incidentally, but one that works – is a girl called Suzy, who’s more Jenn’s friend than mine, although I’ve been with her a few times, with Jenn and without, and it’s always been spectacular. She’s young, 20-something, exotic looking and really sexual, open to almost anything, I think, at least everything we’ve ever tried.

Let’s just say she went ass-to-mouth with Jenn once while dressed up as a schoolgirl, in a full-blown lesbian-owned gangbang.

It was through her that this girl Kate heard about me. I’ve done a lot of things to make a little money, and one of those used to be web design. Kate wanted to set up a website, and she wanted some help with the basics. She asked Suzy, and Suzy knew about me, so she asked Jenn, and then it came back to me.

“What the fuck?” I said to my wife. “Who doesn’t know how to do that?”
“People with other lives, hon,” Jenn said. “Come on, she’s Suzy’s friend, let me say you’ll help, please?”

“OK, ask her when and where, and why are you so interested, anyway?”

“I like Suzy,” she said, “don’t you?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then be a friend to a friend, and maybe make a new one. Suzy said – well, she hinted, that Kate’s very easy-going, if you know what I mean. Might be worth checking her out.”

“To fuck?”

“Well that, or something else.”

“OK,” I said, “it doesn’t always have to end up in bed.”

“You’re right, hon – there’s always the couch.”

Did I say that I love my wife?


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