Sex and Drugs (free story)

Most of my stories involve people getting stoned and then following their instincts and desires, and since it’s Valentine’s Day my gift to you is a reminder that Club Bangers, perhaps the druggiest of my stories (an interracial gangbang fueled by marijuana and MDMA), still appears to be free to read via the ‘look inside’ and ‘send a free sample’ features for Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (US site here, try your local Amazon if it doesn’t redirect).
Still working on the current story. Read the first 5k-word draft yesterday and found it was about 80% sex and only 20% plot, so maybe a little more work is needed on the latter, but expect it to be done by the end of the week. It’s about two girls cheating on their boyfriends with one guy, but also using the latter to explore their desire for each other.

If FFM stories are your kind of thing, then you might enjoy My Girl Swings Both WaysLesbian-owned WifeLetter to a Rich Cuck and Jenn’s Movie Night – see details on the books page.


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