Jenn was going to love this

Another fresh excerpt from an FFM story that’ll probably be called Two Cheating Girlfriends and Me, with all text still subject to correction and change. At this point Steve, the narrator, has just entered Kate. It’s a side story from the Jenn’s Tail series, and will also feature Suzy, from Club Bangers (still free to read via the ‘look inside’ and ‘send a free sample’ features for Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (US site here, try your local Amazon if it doesn’t redirect). Follow me here or elsewhere to find out when it’s done (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter).

She was so wet and I was so hard my dick went right down to the balls from the start, and the way she gasped before I even put a little pressure on her clit and mound let me know she was ready for this, and I could afford to tease her some before making the earth move.

“You want to cum with a big American dick?”

Kate smiled, ready to play, putting a hand on my ass and pulling me in a little deeper, the other on the back of my head and drawing me in for a kiss.

“Oh yes, and all the other big dicks in town, please. There’s just one thing you must promise me.”

“OK,” I said, her eyes so beautiful and face like a doll, my cock teasing the lips of her cunt, “what’s that?”

“Please don’t cum in my tight, young English pussy.”

Reader, I almost did.

Instead I pulled back, closed my eyes and let the feelings die down.

I wasn’t teenager anymore – I was 30-something, married and had to take the lead, be responsible, make sure this girl had a good time, and then I could drop a load on her tits and go home with a story for my wife.

Jenn was going to love this.


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