“You’ll delete those, right?”

Another excerpt from Two Cheating Girlfriends and Me, with all text still subject to correction and change. Follow me here or elsewhere to find out when it’s done (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter).

Warning: The image link is very NSFW.

“Your boyfriends are lucky,” I said, a hand on each girl’s head, watching as they kissed each other around my dick, rubbed their tits together and got real excited.

Kate laughed.

“Yes, and you’re lucky they’re not here!”

“Mine doesn’t mind,” Suzy said, “he’s probably trying to fuck one of the bridesmaids.”

Kate reached for her phone.

“Why don’t you send him a picture?”

Suzy put my dick in her mouth and turned her head slightly, so it made her cheek bump out, then raised a thumb up and tried to smile.

Snap, snap, snap.

“Nice,” Kate said, and showed us the images.

“You’ll delete those, right?” I said.

“Uh-uh,” said Suzy. “It’s only your cock, it’s my face.”


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