How I write #1: Rough cuts and sculptures

A friend uses the metaphor of sculpting when thinking about first drafts, while I tend to think about rough cuts, but the idea is the same – throw something together that works in the most minimal of ways, the kind of thing you’d never let anyone see, then cut away, add a little more here and there, move stuff around, until things emerge and take on a better shape, then polish and correct until it’s done.

Key point: a first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, or even readable by anyone else but the author, and thinking that it should be can paralyze you. It stopped me writing for years.

Writing this because I just finished the first 6.5k word rough cut of Two Cheating Girlfriends & Me and happy with what’s come out of the usual mess of notes I start with. Should be out next week as a single, as well as part of Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 4, along with Hostel DP and Loving Wife Online. Below is another excerpt, with the narrator going down on Kate, still subject to correction and change.

I worked slow and good, sensing what she liked and circling back to that, building her up, letting her down, and then going back in again, her moans getting louder and her breath getting faster.

“I’m gonna cum,” Kate said, a hand in my hair and gripping it tight.

“That’s the idea,” I said, taking my tongue off her clit.

“Uh-uh,” she said, “I want to get fucked when I cum.”

I moved a little and took off my shorts with one hand, the other still working on her mound, then rolled off the bed and stood up, so she could see me naked for the first time.

“Oh, fuck,” she said, moving so she could put her hands on me, brushing over my abs and down to my rock hard dick. “I think I’d better suck that first.”


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