She was in love with this girl

Another excerpt from Two Cheating Girlfriends and Me, with all text still subject to correction and change. Follow me here or elsewhere to find out when it’s done (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter).

At this point in the story the narrator is fucking Suzy, with Kate lending a helping hand. If you’re curious about these girls’ first time together check out the first few thousand words of My Girl Swings Both Ways, and Suzy is also the main character in Club Bangers.

Suzy was on edge, almost there but not enough, and I couldn’t hold back any longer, just fucked her hard and let go, the tension grabbing my balls and then releasing them, the orgasm breaking, white light hitting my brain with the pure joy that comes from fucking two other women with your wife’s full consent and a head full of weed and Viagra.

After all that teasing I was primed to unload, and felt eight long spurts and then stopped counting and just let it happen, cum flooding this girl’s pussy as it tightened around the base of my rod.

I opened my eyes and saw Suzy staring at me, her own orgasm still out of reach, mouth twisted with lust and frustration.

Then Kate turned to me, a no nonsense look on her face and tits like balloons on her chest.

“Get out,” she said, “I’m going to make her cum.”

I looked at Suzy and saw tears in her eyes.

She was in love with this girl, I knew it, and that’s why she’d set this scene up.


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