I wanted to do this again

Another excerpt from Two Cheating Girlfriends and Me, with all text still subject to correction and change, because, as per an earlier post, everything’s a mess until the end. Follow me here or elsewhere to find out when it’s done (Amazon, Facebook, Twitter), and see the last few days for more.

Suzy was on her back and I was standing to the side, but before I could get dick wet Kate was down there with her tongue in her friend’s cunt, warming her up and enjoying the taste. I didn’t want to feel left out, so I took a step toward Suzy and she put a hand on my cock, opened her mouth, and started blowing me. The sound of happy moans and sucking filled my ears, and I reached for a joint, lit it, took a hit, and passed it around, all of us getting into the groove of the music and sex.

Eventually Suzy took her mouth off my cock and tapped Kate on the shoulder.

“Come up and kiss me,” she said.

“Alright, but you’d better get this cock in you. I want to see you fucked today.”

Kate used her fingers to spread her friend open, and I moved over and lined up my dick. She opened her mouth and worked me over with her tongue, letting the spit build up until it rolled down onto Suzy’s pussy.

I nudged her away and plunged my rod into the Asian girl for the first time in months, and she felt as good as ever – hot, tight and throbbing, with a hair-trigger clit and hips that wouldn’t quit. I looked down and watched my dick stretch her dark brown lips, showing off the pink inside each time I pulled back.

Kate had moved up and was French kissing Suzy, but when the latter started gasping at the length and girth of my rod she stroked the Asian girl’s hair, kissed her forehead, then moved back down and ran her tongue over my shaft as it went in and out of her friend.

I shuddered and gripped a handful of her dirty blonde hair. Things were close now, and after all that teasing there was no way I could hold back much longer – all I had to do was make Suzy cum first, before her pussy caused me to explode.

I looked down and her eyes were scrunched up and neck straining as she begged to be fucked hard to cum hard, Kate’s fingers pulling back her pussy lips and tongue flicking over her clit.

I felt Suzy tighten and she let out a yell, then opened her eyes and spat at me.

“Fuck my cheating pussy. Fuck me and I’ll cum.”

Kate smiled and put a hand on Suzy’s mound, started rubbing.

“That’s it, you nasty girl, taking all that cock.”

She turned to look at me.

“And how’d you like her tight Asian pussy? Is she better than your wife?”

I could only roll my eyes and moan – this life would be the death of me.

“Oh god,” Suzy moaned, “ – call me a bitch, call me a whore, just, just…oh, oh, I love…”

At that Kate pushed herself up and put a hand on my the back of my head and kissed me while I fucked her friend, then she looked back at Suzy and told her she a bitch and a slag and a cunt and a whore, all the things you’re not supposed to say, then she looked at me hissed.

“Now fuck her boyfriend out of her and cum in my face.”

I reached back, grabbed Suzy’s ankles, pulled them up and spread her legs wide. She was splayed open now, and helpless, with my cock going in to the last angry inch and balls slapping against her tight, brown ass. I was going to unload in her, that much I knew, and just hoped that she could cum before me.

I really wanted to do this again.

And if that turns you on then check out Club Bangers, an interracial gangbang tale starring Suzy and written by her boyfriend – still free to read via the ‘look inside’ and ‘send a free sample’ features for Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (US site here, try your local Amazon if it doesn’t redirect).


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