“I want you inside”

Another excerpt from Two Cheating Girlfriends, with all text still subject to correction and change. Follow me here or elsewhere to find out when it’s done (Amazon, Facebook), and see the last few days for more. At this point the narrator is going down on Kate, with Suzy (very NSFW images) yet to arrive.

I worked slow and good, sensing what she liked and circling back to that, building her up, letting her down, and then going in again, her moans getting louder and her breath getting faster.

“I’m gonna cum,” she said, a hand in my hair and gripping it tight as my fingers explored her cunt.

“That’s the idea,” I said, taking my mouth off her clit.

“Uh-uh. I want you inside.”

I took off my shorts with one hand, the other still working on her mound, then rolled off the bed and stood up.

“Oh fuck,” she said, moving so she could put her hands on me, brushing over my chest and down to my rock hard dick. “I think I’d better suck that first.”

Kate had big lips and a soft tongue, and when she got my balls in her mouth I shivered and my cock started jerking.

I felt like a teenager again.

“Relax,” she said, stroking my thighs then running her tongue along my shaft, flicking it in and out around the head. “I’m good at this. I like it.”

She got my cock wet with her tongue and sucked the head while jerking me off, so I had to hold her shoulders while my legs buckled and I thought about cumming in her throat. She put my dick between her breasts and squeezed them, stuck her tongue out and licked the tip as she bounced up and down, still sitting on the bed, then pushed herself forward and got the first few inches in her mouth.

Kate kept her lips firm around my rod as her head bobbed up and down, letting the spit build up and drool, getting things really wet, hands gently stroking my balls and ass. I was in big-tit heaven, keeping my eyes open to capture the scene, and in all the excitement I really didn’t know where I wanted to finish up – in her mouth, on her tits, or all over her face.

Why not all three?

Just as my knees started to tremble and I was right on edge she popped her mouth off my cock and squeezed it.

“Not yet,” she said, with a grin, “you’ve got to stick this bad boy in me, then you can cum wherever you want.”

As ever, if that turns you on then check out Club Bangers, an interracial gangbang tale starring Suzy and told by her boyfriend – free to read via the ‘look inside’ and ‘send a free sample’ features for Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (US site here, try your local Amazon if it doesn’t redirect).


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