Finishing touches

HW&GF - vol 4

Should have Two Cheating Girlfriends available this weekend (now here), for sale as both a single and part of a new collection (here). Here’s another excerpt, still subject to correction and change:

Now you might think that at some level I was disappointed at not getting to fuck Kate’s tits to completion, and you’d be right, my balls were aching, but Suzy was a hot little number, half-Asian and half-something else, wearing nylons with the crotch and ass cut out, no panties, a shaved pussy, and full interview make-up, so this was all good to me.

Still, I started to feel like this had all been planned, like I’d walked into some kind of honey-trap, and then I remembered that Suzy’s guy was out of town, Kate’s was in another country, and my wife would be happier if I fucked them both and told her more.

Long story short, I didn’t care if I’d been played and set-up as the dick in some bicurious lady affair. I just smiled so wide my ears popped as Suzy got down by the side of the bed and looked up at me, her brown skin soft and inviting.

“Say hi to Jenn for me,” she said, and joined Kate in sucking my cock.


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