New Books – Two Cheating Girlfriends, and a collection

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Finally finished Two Cheating Girlfriends, now online as a single and as part of Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Vol 4, which also includes Hostel DP and Loving Wife Online. The links go to the US Amazon site, but available in all markets, and they should redirect.

Two Cheating Girlfriends is a 7,000-word FFM tale, the start of which is below. I hope you enjoy it.


My name’s Steve, and I’m married to a woman called Jenn, and we have an open relationship, and that seems to work, as long as we’re honest with each other, emotionally and narratively.

One of the ways this works is we like to keep our fuck buddies mostly separate from our ‘real friends’, although sometimes a little spillover is inevitable. If you like a person, you like them, and you think you can’t just use them for sex, even though that’s what you both agreed.

But this isn’t love, not romantic love, and your casual partner isn’t an easy answer to your mid-30s crises or dreams, and so when playing this game you need to build a real life with your significant other or decide to take the leap into separation, divorce, and so on, all ahead of the next great sex with someone else who’ll rock your world and put everything in doubt.

Still, while I like it nice and easy, fun and games, sometimes you need to realize that you’re part of someone else’s plan, and one that may involve real feelings and even love, and that’s what happened in this story, when I got set up and played by two delightful women who had designs of their own – me playing the dick to their growing romance.

One of our partners is a girl called Suzy, who’s more Jenn’s friend than mine, although I’ve been with her a few times, and it’s always been spectacular. She’s young, 20-something, exotic looking and really sexual, open to almost anything we’ve ever tried.

Let’s just say she went ass-to-mouth with Jenn once while dressed up as a schoolgirl, in a full-blown lesbian-owned gangbang, the kind of thing that makes me weak at the knees to recall.

It was through her that this girl Kate heard about me. I’ve done a lot of things to make a little money, and one of those used to be web design. Kate wanted to set up a website, and she wanted some help with the basics. She asked Suzy, and somehow Suzy knew about me, so she asked Jenn, and then it came back to me.

“Really?” I said to my wife. “Who doesn’t know how to do that?”

“People with other lives, hon,” Jenn said. “Come on, she’s Suzy’s friend, let me say you’ll help, please?”

“OK, but don’t you think it’s a little weird?”

“I like Suzy,” she said, “don’t you?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then be a friend to a friend, and maybe make a new one. Suzy said that Kate’s very easy-going, if you know what I mean. Might be worth checking her out.”


“Well that, or something else.”

“Right,” I said, “it doesn’t always have to end up in bed.”

“That’s it, hon – there’s always the couch.”


Now I didn’t know much about Kate, except that she was English, had come over as a backpacker and was working in a hostel-slash-coffee store downtown, a place where Suzy did some part-time work to help pay for school, and where Jenn and I sometimes went to pick up bored travelers looking for adventure with a 30-something couple who had full amenities and plenty of weed.

“She’s got tits,” Jenn said, as we got ready for an early night of sex and reading, “and a real cute accent. Suzy said she’s kind of shy, but a lot of fun when she warms up.”

I was clean, naked and on my back on the bed. My dick was hard and Jenn was going to give me a blow job while playing with a vibrator, just to take the edge off the day.

“Got a boyfriend back home, and spent most of her time here being faithful, but now she can’t get enough of all that big, American dick.”

“Like this one?”

I waved my cock at her and she smiled, plugged the massage wand into the wall got herself in position.

Jenn was real good at this, and we liked to cum together, so she played with herself and teased my dick with her hands and mouth, building us both up and down a few times, and when I told her I was getting close she eased off and worked on herself more. I closed my eyes and put a hand on her head and fucked her mouth a little harder as she got more excited.

My wife was happy to be used like this, and thinking about god knows who or what as the end came in view.

As for me, I thought about our marriage and how lucky I was, and how good it was that sex was no longer something that made me anxious, disappointed, frustrated or depressed. I thought about Jenn’s mouth and cumming in there, and opened my eyes and watched as I held her head a little firmer, bucked my hips a little harder, and she gagged but made the effort, and a few seconds into that she took her mouth off my cock and gasped.

“I’m gonna cum,” she said, and then went back to blowing me, like the loving wife she was and is.

I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and listened as she started to lose control, and when she was going crazy, muting her own orgasm screams with my dick, I closed my eyes and fucked her mouth to completion, and she held my balls and drained them down her throat.


In the morning Jenn reminded me to get in touch with Kate, even before I remembered myself, and so I went online and checked out her pictures. She was a little big, but cute, and I hadn’t been with anyone who was tons of fun in ages.

I looked some beach photos and started to fantasize about her breasts and wondered if she knew what had gone on between me, Jenn and Suzy, if she had any idea of the world she was entering. If she didn’t, what was Suzy playing at? Why was Jenn so interested? And who couldn’t set up a website?

Maybe I was thinking too much, but I had a vision of another lesbian orgy, with me on hand to supply the baby oil, bong hits and dick.

I friended Kate and we chatted and she said wanted to learn how to set up a basic website for text, images, self-promotion and sales. She’d done a lot of drawings and wanted to show them off, maybe sell them, and she also wrote some stories.

“Anything I can read?” I typed.

“Maybe not. They’re naughty.”

She said she was bored with working in a hostel and doing the traveler scene like that. She wanted to make money online and live the dream, be able to work in coffee stores and beach shacks worldwide.

The website side of it all sounded easy as fuck, the kind of thing I could do high, so we set up a time and she asked me to come over, sent the address and a map.

“I thought you lived at the hostel?”

“I do, but I’m staying with Suzy this weekend. Her boyfriend’s out of town, and she doesn’t like to be here alone. It’s a nice break for me, too. Living where you work is no fun.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Do I need to bring anything?”

“Nothing. I’ve got drinks and snacks here.”

“Great. I’ll be there at two.”

“Good. I’ll be waiting.”


Now I should tell you what I thought would happen, before I tell you what did, right? Set up a little tension and release. But if I’m honest, like I want to be, there really wasn’t that much tension. I have a good marriage and a very healthy sex life, so my head doesn’t get turned by every hot woman I see. I not only had my day, I’m having it, with my wife encouraging me to go out and have sex with other women while she goes on the prowl for other guys.

So there was nothing illicit or too thrilling about getting ready to go and see Kate – although I washed, shaved, put on cologne and dressed well for the meeting – because I knew I had my wife waiting at home for me, and whatever I told her she’d be cool with, as long as it was true and I didn’t fall in love.

The weather was good, so I decided to cycle over to see Kate, get the blood pumping and air in my lungs. I was a little high and had a few joints in my pocket, ready to help out and then maybe go to a bookstore, have a burrito somewhere. A nice, quiet afternoon

Of course, Kate and Suzy had other ideas.

Check out the rest of this story, and others, on my Amazon page, and more excerpts, including some of the sex, can be found in earlier posts.

In addition, why not check out Club Bangers, an interracial gangbang tale starring Suzy and told by her boyfriend – free to read via the ‘look inside’ and ‘send a free sample’ features for Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (US site here, try your local Amazon if it doesn’t redirect).


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