Priya’s Thai Bang Gang (sic)

Wrote up the start of the next Kim story, but then got obsessed with the idea of Priya and her husband going to Thailand for their honeymoon, deciding to go to a full moon party, taking some MDMA and ending up in an orgy. If you’re curious about the writing process, and how things evolve over time, then come back in a couple of weeks and see if that’s still the synopsis, and whether the title is Priya’s Thai Bang Gang (sic) or not.

In the meantime, check out the first 2k words of Priya’s Education by clicking the title. It’s a story about a rather inexperienced young woman who wants to sleep with another man before she gets married. Her fiancé agrees, if he can watch and join in. They go to Vegas to seal the deal discretely. Priya comes back to the hotel room with two guys – mfmm action ensues.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Oh, and since I mentioned Kim here’s the start of Showing Off Kim – a ‘shared girlfriend’ story in which the narrator wants to impress an old classmate with his new-found wealth and then, well…why not click the link and find out what happens yourself?


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