My wife was lost in how handsome he was

Here’s something fresh from what may end up being called Priya’s Thai Bang Gang (sic), which has the same husband / wife team from  Priya’s Education (mfmm – read the start here). For those keeping track of how things evolve, in this story the couple are in Thailand, on honeymoon, and they’ll probably get into a fairly gentle mfm scene and then a much rougher mfmmm one. Here’s an extract from the former, still subject to correction and change (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here).

Priya was sitting right on Matteo’s lap, on top of that fat Italian cock that was straining though his shorts, looking directly into his face, lost in how handsome he was, the way his young muscles pressed against her.

Then my wife turned and saw me watching.

She looked a little worried, so I smiled, and she relaxed, put her hands on Matteo’s face and pulled him close for a real kiss, with open mouths and tongues, making it clear this was no romantic game, that I was going to have to make a scene or keep quiet deal with it.

My cock got hard and stayed like that the rest of the night, right up until I dropped a load in my wife’s cunt while Matteo jerked off in her face.

But that was all later, and at first it was pretty slow, with the guy taking the lead and Priya holding back a little, happy to be pulled along wherever he wanted to take her. So I just sat and waited too as he pulled her bikini top down and began to go over her full brown tits with his mouth.

That’s when she looked at me again, and our eyes locked into each other all the time this guy was sucking her nipples and massaging her tits, hands all over her honeymoon body, and I slipped down my shorts and started jerking off.

“That’s it, dear,” my wife said, “now play with your thing while he fucks me.”

And if that’s got you interested, then check out this link for the free 7k+ word ‘hot girlfriend interracial gangbang’ story, Club Bangers – it’s sure to arouse and / or offend


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