But that was no whore, that was my wife

Another fresh excerpt from Priya’s Thai Bang Gang (sic), with the same husband / wife team from  Priya’s Education (mfmm – read the start here). All of this is still subject to correction and change, and the story won’t be ready for a week or two. Follow me here or on Amazon to keep informed (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here).

Priya wiped the cum from her eyelids and licked her fingers clean, blinked at the light and looked down at the mess on her tits.

She giggled, and ran her tongue over her lips.

“That tastes amazing.”

“That’s my diet,” the guy said, “pineapple and coconut water, chicken and rice. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no coffee.”

Priya was looking up at Matteo rapt, on her knees, his huge cock bobbing around in front of her, while he explained why his cum tasted so good, and why she couldn’t get enough of it.

And it was true, it really was, because for all of the Italian’s big talk Priya really was loving the taste of his jizz, cleaning herself up and swallowing it down.

If I hadn’t known better I’d have said she was a whore.

But that was no whore, that was my wife, and only two days into our honeymoon in Thailand

And if that’s got you interested, then check out this link for the free 7k+ word ‘hot girlfriend interracial gangbang’ story, Club Bangers – it’s sure to arouse and / or offend.

desi erotica, indian romance, interracial erotica, gangbang, wife cheating, voyeur husband, slutwife


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