The love drug

So Priya and her husband are in Thailand on their honeymoon, and in the first sex scene she’s going to blow this other guy in Bangkok (see earlier posts for short excerpts: 1, 2, 3), but then they’re going to head to an island and party. Not entirely sure what’ll happen, except there’s going to be gangbang. Here’s a few lines I wrote before breakfast today, all subject to correction and change (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here).

Now that fuck session was in Bangkok, but we were heading off to the islands and Matteo was too. He told us he was going to a full moon party, and that sounded like a lot of fun. Just go to a beach, rent a cabin, get high, dance all night, then sleep all day, stroll over to a café and eat rice and fish.

“Why not?” said Priya. “I mean, this is our honeymoon, yes? Three weeks of indulgence. And when are we going to get a chance to do something like this again?”

I’d gone clubbing a fair bit in college and after, I liked the music and drugs, but Priya never had, even though she loved to dance. Of course, we’d have to get some weed and pills or powder, MDMA, but she was game for that too.

“The love drug,” she said, having read up on it online, “it sounds a lot of fun.”

She was right. It was.

Got a busy week ahead, so this story is unlikely to be done before the end of the month, but check back here for updates. And if you want to read another story about  MDMA-fueled sex, then check out this link for the free 7k+ word ‘hot girlfriend interracial gangbang’ story, Club Bangers – it’s sure to arouse and / or offend.

Oh, and the start of Priya’s Education, in which our naive and rather inexperienced heroine fucks two guys in front of her fiancé, is here.


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