“Well, I guess it is our honeymoon.”

More from Priya’s Thai Bang Gang (sic) (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here). At this point she and her husband are on the island, have stayed up all night at a full moon party, and are chilling out in a cabin with three sleazy English guys. All text still subject to correction and change.

Priya bent over to pick up the lighter, fumbled, and ended up on all fours, her ass facing Liam and Dave, the bikini stretched tight against her brown skin.

“You could park your bike in that,” said Liam, and he was right – her round ass split so nicely when she was bent over that it was hard not to think about slipping something inside, and if not a bike then a nice big cock, hot, hard and ready to fuck.

“No mate,” Dave said, “she’s a bike.”

“I’m a bike?” said Priya, standing up and lighting the joint. “Oh, I get it, like a slut, is that what you mean? An easy ride?”

“That’s right,” Liam* said, “and a beautiful bike you are, my love, and I’m in the mood for a ride.”

He looked at me and cocked his head.

“You game, like Matt said?”

Priya handed me the joint, the same question on her face, her tits high and bouncing a little from all the excitement.

“Well,” I said, taking a hit, holding it in, “I guess it is our honeymoon.”

“Oh my dear,” said Priya, “I love you so much.”

We kissed, and she breathed in the smoke I exhaled while reaching back to undo her bikini top, unleashing her firm and perfect Cs.

The guys cheered.

“You gonna fuck us all?” said  Dave, the white guy with dreadlocks and crappy tattoos.

Priya looked at me again.

I smiled.

I was high as fuck and about the see my wife get banged by three young guys we didn’t know.

I was very, very excited.

Got a busy week, so this story is unlikely to be done before the end of the month, but check  here for updates. And if want to read another story about  MDMA-fueled sex, then check out this link for the free 7k+ word ‘hot girlfriend interracial gangbang’ story, Club Bangers – it’s sure to arouse and / or offend, and just got a 5-star review on Amazon.

cbangers review

Finally,  the start of Priya’s Education, in which our naive and rather inexperienced heroine fucks two guys in front of her fiancé, is here.

*For those paying attention, the Liam in this story is Kate’s boyfriend, and eventually there’ll be a short detailing his arrival in California, where Kate will confess her love for Suzy and fucking of other guys. Provisional title: Ex-Revenge


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