“Careful with the cum”

LWO - careful with

Just going to cycle through all the stories and promote them until I catch up on things offline and get to write something new. The clip above is from Loving Wife Online (US link, but available on all sites). It’s a 6,000+ word story told by a male escort, who has a date with a woman who wants to live-stream their fucking so her husband can watch. Hi-jinks ensue.

The women in the story is called Tara, and you can read more by clicking her name in the tags section of this page, or tapping this. The guy who tells the story is Matt, who has his own three-part origin tale – How I Became A Manwhore – which involves him fucking his stepmom, among others. Click here to read the start of that.

Oh, and don’t forget you can get a copy of Club Bangers a hot girlfriend interracial gangbang tale – if you send me an email titled ‘free story‘: pb.rider.writer@gmail.com


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