“Oh baby, you don’t know anything, do you?”

“You fucking whore,” I said, my dick ploughing up my girlfriend’s butt as Matt held her head down and fucked her throat.

“That’s the ticket,” he said, taking his cock out of Jess’s mouth to let her catch her breath and jerking off with a bunch of her hair, “say what you feel.”

“Fucking bastard,” Jess gasped, and I guessed she was pissed at Matt, but then she turned to me and looked daggers, so much so I eased up on the full-on anal assault and reached for the table, picked up a lighter and that joint, lit hit, hit it, and blew smoke in her face.

“Why don’t you suck that dick and get me a couch, bitch,” and I felt her ass tighten and shudder, and I knew things had gotten out of hand, but I also saw her smile as she reached for Matt’s pole and ran her tongue over his big, heavy balls.

“Oh baby,” she said, “you don’t know anything, do you?”

She turned back to Matt and licked his cock.

“Shall we tell him?”

“Yeah,” the bastard said, “why not?”

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.

The clip above is from a work in slow progress (related), and if that interests you then click around and find something longer to read. And don’t forget, all my stories are free to read on Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Prime, or just $1 to own. Check out the synopses on my books page, or go straight to my Amazon page here.


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