Free story (promo)

Still stuck on other projects, with three stories on the go (UPDATE: Moving Day Threesome and Ariana Cheats with Me now finished – click the links for samples), and hope to get something new released in the next week or two, but to keep things rolling there’s a link below to a full DOC version of the first edition of Club Bangers (i.e. with a few typos and so on) for those of you without a Kindle or the Kindle App.

Synopsis: I take my girlfriend to a club for her first time on ecstasy. She loves it, but loves the big black dicks she finds backstage even more.

Yeah, it’s one of those stories. Hope you enjoy it, and click around for more things to enjoy (starting at the home page).


club bangers

And here’s another story about sex and drugs: Priya’s MDMA Gangbang

SW - pmdmagb.png

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