It had become my shame and obsession

Click here (or scroll down to the previous post) for a free gangbang story in DOC format, and below is another fresh clip from Moving Day Threesome, still subject to correction and change. The whole thing should be finished and on sale by the end of the week. At this point the narrator and Jess are getting high and making out, the night before the day it all goes down.

“OK,” I said, “but I’ve got to go next door tomorrow and check out… I mean, that guy, the one with all the girls, he’s moving out, selling stuff. Said I could have first pick, but got to be there early.”

“Sure,” Jess said, lighting a bong and taking a hit, “cool.”

She exhaled a huge cloud of smoke and coughed, handed me the glass.

I packed it, hit it, and saw stars.

Triple-X Fly, some new weed from California that made you fuck like a machine.

I slumped on the couch and forgot what I was I doing, put a hand on Jess’s thigh and moved it up to tickle her clit. She kissed me and we tongued each other, then she pulled back and put a hand on my crotch, rubbing it over my thick, hard cock.

“Wait, can I go and see too? We need some stuff at our place.”

I looked at my girlfriend and tried to read her face, because the truth was I got turned on by the idea of Dan fucking Jess.

It had become my shame and obsession.

Jess had long red hair and pale skin, a slim body and nice, small tits, and whenever I found a set of pictures of a girl like that getting fucked I looked for the ones where her face was obscured, so that it looked like her getting nailed by another dude, and sometimes two or three.

In all of these I imagined myself watching my Jess fucking in real life, or that I’d just found her online, her secret, slutty past uncovered, or – even better – her secret, cheating present, off out fucking whenever I was home alone, and when she came back I’d fuck her with a vengeance and make her my whore, all while loving her even more deeply.

This was what I jerked off to almost every night she wasn’t with me, high as a kite and rabid with lust, and this is what I thought of when I fucked her.

“No problem,” I said, feeling the thrill of transgression. “We can go take a look in the morning.”

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