It was the start of the second great phase of our romance

Another fresh clip from Moving Day Threesome below, still subject to correction and change.

Jess was distracted by the full on anal assault I was giving her, eyes locked onto mine and kind of teary with desires fulfilled, no longer even touching Dan’s cock, and so he jerked off to completion, dropping a ball heavy load all over my girlfriend’s face, holding her still with a handful of hair and really making a mess.

It was all too much, and I felt her ass grip me tight as another orgasm wracked through her body and she swallowed some of Dan’s cum, and as she let out a yell he pushed his still jizzing dick into her mouth, and that’s when I lost it too, the waves and shudders running out from my balls and out all over my body, and just before I felt the great release I pulled my cock out of Jess’s butt, grabbed the shaft, and stroked off to the end.

I came long, hard and fast, cum shooting up and landing from her belly to her tits, and then Jess did something that even now gets me hard as I type this. She pushed herself up, leaned forward and opened her mouth, Dan’s spunk hanging from her lips. I got a wad of jizz in her face, and then she put her mouth around my dick and sucked the last few spurts right down, while Dan’s legs gave out, he slumped to the floor and started moaning through his breaths.

“Ass to mouth, man, ass to mouth!”

I looked down and watched my girlfriend as she put a hand on my balls and pushed herself further, taking my hard dick all the way down her throat, and realized we barely knew each other at all.

It was the start of the second great phase of our romance.

The whole story should be finished and online within a week, so check back here or follow me on my Amazon page to find out when it’s done. If you want more to read now, then click around this site, or click here for a free gangbang story in DOC format, along with a hot wife / voyeur tale.

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