I’d do anything for her

Another fresh clip from Moving Day Threesome below, still subject to correction and change (UPDATE – now published, check out the first 2k words here).

Back on the couch Jess put a hand on Dan’s rapidly inflating cock, and they looked at each other, smiled, started kissing, and in no time she was jerking him off. In fact, she was just bending down with her mouth open when she took her hands off, stood up, and moved away.

“Wait,” she said, “I almost forgot what I was wearing.”

She undid the belt of that trench coat, pulled it open, then tossed it back off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Dan groaned, and so did I.

Jess looked amazing – dressed like a pornstar in a push-up bra, garter belt, stockings and high-heeled boots, some reddish peachfuzz just above her freshly shaved pussy.

Dan whistled, impressed, and I felt a burst of pride that this guy who’d been with so many women thought my girlfriend was hot, and then I wondered what kind of sick fuck I was, and I then I relaxed and wanted to nail Jess while she sucked another cock, just like in the movies I loved.

“You like it?” My girlfriend said, stroking her pussy and looking at this other guy.

“Sure. Can I kiss it?”

Jess turned to me.

“It that OK, babe, or you just want me to blow him?”

“Sure, but I want to jerk off and watch.”

“Another $50,” said Dan.

“OK,” I said, taking another bill out and putting in on the table, “cool.”

He laughed and reached out, put his hands on my girlfriend’s ass and pulled her close, buried his face in her snatch and started kissing.

“Hey babe,” Jess said, “another $50 and I’m sure he’ll let you fuck me while I blow him.”
I nodded, took some more money out, and started getting undressed.

I’d do anything for her.

The whole story should be finished and online within a week, so check back here or follow me on my Amazon page to find out when it’s done. If you want more to read now, then click around this site, or click here for a free gangbang story in DOC format, along with a hot wife / voyeur tale.

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