“I look good, right? And I feel really naughty going out like this.”

Another fresh clip from Moving Day Threesome below, still subject to correction and change.

So I went to the store and got some groceries, then came back to the apartment and there was Jess, sitting on the couch with a joint and glass of water, watching TV and dressed in something wild. From toe to top it went like this: pink vinyl boots, up to the knees, black fishnet stockings mid-way up her thighs, pink and black garter belt, pink push-up bra, black choker, full make-up and teased hair.

“Oh hi, babe,” she said, “I’ve been waiting.”

“Great,” I said, “but we should go over to that guy’s place, Dan. Met him on the stairs. He said people are going to start coming over noon, but we could take a look first. Is that OK?”

Jess pouted and spread her arms, so I got another good look at her outfit.

“Like this? Come on, I thought you wanted to fuck me in the ass. This took a lot to get ready”

“Sure I do, babe, but, look, you can put on a coat, right, we’ll just go over and put our names down for some stuff. He’s got this couch, a TV. We can be back in here in 10 minutes, I promise.”

“Well, OK,” she said, standing up and going to the hat stand, picking out a trench coat and trying it on. “I guess it’d be a shame to miss this.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Jess put on the coat, buttoned it and tied the belt, checked herself in the mirror. Aside from pink boots she looked pretty normal, just really hot with that make-up and hair.

She smiled at herself.

“I look good, right? And I feel really naughty going out like this.”

I went over and we kissed and hugged, my cock hard against her body.

Yeah, she looked good, and I liked it a lot, the idea that we’d go over to Dan’s place and she’d be wearing my old coat and underneath be dressed like a whore.

I mean, he was leaving in a few days, so what was the harm?

It was my idea of a good time.

The whole story should be soon, but a rush at work has things stalled at first draft stage, so check back here or follow me on my Amazon page to find out when it’s done. If you want more to read now, then click around this site, or click here for a free gangbang story in DOC format, along with a hot wife / voyeur tale.

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