“I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t think he’d remember.”

Another fresh clip from Moving Day Threesome, still subject to correction and change.

“You recognize me, Little Red, or you get too much cum in your eyes that weekend?”

I looked at Jess.

She gulped, and then her mouth hung open for a while and she just looked at me, Dan’s dick in her hand and me about to fuck her ass.

“I’m sorry, babe,” she said, “I didn’t think he’d remember. Are we cool?”

I felt the anger rise up in me, and the shame, and tried to keep a smile on my face as they both stared at me, no doubt worried that I’d make a scene and screw things up.

I looked down at Jess, on her back, legs apart, a cushion under her butt, all ready to be analized and turned out like a whore.

Yeah, she was stroking Dan’s cock, but at least my girlfriend had the decency not to suck it while waiting for my answer.

My teeth ground together as the weed hit me again and I felt my jaw lock and then twist into a smile.

“It’s OK, babe, we’ll talk about his later.”

Still on pause at the first draft stage until I finish this big project at work, so check back here or follow me on my Amazon page to find out when it’s done. If you want more to read now, then click around this site, or click here for a free gangbang story in DOC format, along with a hot wife / voyeur tale.

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