It seemed like a really good deal

More from Moving Day Threesome (coming soon now published, and the first 2k words are here).

“I was wondering if I could get a discount on that TV for sucking you off.”


Jess looked at me, smiling.

“Go on, babe, tell him.”

I cleared my throat, saw stars before my eyes, got the whole sentence out in one go.

“How about Jess gives you a blow job and we get the TV?”

“Cool,” he said, “throw in $200 and you’ve got a deal. This stuff’s got to go.”

“Sure,” I said, and Jess nodded, then put a hand on  Kyle’s thigh.

He looked at me.

“What, you’re going to stay and watch?”

“Yeah, that’s the idea.”

“OK, but I’ll need another $50 if I’m putting on a show.”

“Fine with me,” Jess said, and I nodded, pulled my wallet and put $250 on a side table.

It seemed like a really good deal.

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