So we wouldn’t look back later and wonder what the fuck we’d done with our lives

Moving Day Threesome is finished and on sale here.

First draft of Moving Day Threesome done. Should get the final draft finished by midweek, then will let it rest a few days and work on Priya’s Thai Bang Gang, then back to MD3 to deal with typos and dumb errors. Check back here (or follow me on Amazon) to find out when it’s finished.

Here’s how it starts, still subject to correction and change:

The guy who used to live in the apartment across the hall, Kyle, was a cocksman who made sure everyone knew it. It’s a small building, 12 units total, and we all pass each other on the stairs or by the mailboxes, and it seemed like every other day there was a different girl going in or coming out of his place. Blonde, brunette and redhead, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and Black. The only thing they had in common was they were hot as fuck and smiling.

I had no doubt the bastard was living the dream.

Now I had a girlfriend, Jess, a pale tight-bodied redhead who liked getting high and did anal on the first date. We’d only been seeing each other a few months, but since I had my own place and she had a roommate she came over to mine once or twice a week, and stayed over most weekends, and it was a great routine – watch movies, get wasted and fuck. Typical 20-somethings in love.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Jess to notice the parade of babes coming in and out of Kyle’s place, or the guy himself, to be honest, since he was tall, good-looking, and well-built, all that stuff women love and guys like me resent.

“How many girlfriends does he have?”

“I don’t know, maybe three regulars, a few randoms a month.”

I wanted to make her realize she had no chance of a relationship with this guy, that he’d just fuck her and leave, not be the kind of nice, reliable guy that I thought was at the time.

I wanted to convince myself that what we had was special, so we didn’t feel we were missing out on all the more casual sex we should’ve been getting in our 20s, so we wouldn’t look back later and wonder what the fuck we’d done with our lives.

I thought maybe it would work on Jess better than on me.

Now as much as I envied, feared and kind of hated Kyle, he did have a lot of cool shit, a regular bachelor pad that I’d seen a few times when he invited me over the watch a game or a fight on his big screen, and so when he said that he was packing up and moving, selling everything he couldn’t fit into his car – well, I wanted to get in there and see if I could get a good deal, make my place more in keeping with my imagined lifestyle.

“Can I take a look at that TV?” I said. “I’ll give you a good price.”

“Sure, come on Saturday. I’m having a sale. Should have things set up and priced before noon, so, come on over, man, look around, maybe there’s some other stuff you want.”

Yeah, I thought, your whole damn life.

Don’t worry – there’s plenty of sex. Until then, here’s another link to that post with the free MDMA-fueled gangbang story


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