Stepmom Seduction


How I Became a Manwhore

I put the prologue and second part of How I Became a Manwhore together to make a full stepmom story – available now on Amazon (US link, but available in all markets, so search if not redirected). Updated – the full story is now also on Smashwords, for all markets in all text formats, here, while the stepmom part is free on Smashwords (all text formats), just click the cover below to go there.

Promo - Stepmom

If you’ve read any of the Jenn ‘hot wife’ stories then you might be curious to see her turn up here as the narrator’s stepmom (it’s a version of the opening scene from Watching Her First Time).

Oh, and since a lot of people come here via the search term ‘stepmom seduction.’ If that applies to you, why not check out Letter to a Rich Cuck, which features a mom and her stepdaughter.

letter to a rich cuck - flickr - kedai lekaki - Attribution 2.0 Generic

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