“You think you can find a girl to do that in Bangkok, dear?”

Priya’s Thai Gang Bang (maybe published as MDMA Gangbang) should be done in a week or so. Here’s something I wrote this morning, still subject to correction and change (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here).

Now Jonko’s cock was long and thick, maybe 10 or 11 inches. The weird thing was Priya got the whole thing in her throat after just a few minutes of blowing him. Sure, it took a lot of spit to ease it down, and she was gagging the first few attempts, but my wife’s an overachiever – always has been – so I wasn’t surprised she didn’t stop until she could stick out her tongue and lick the guy’s balls while massaging his ass.

When that happened he put his hands on her head and shook like he was having a seizure, and I thought maybe he was cumming with his dick down her throat.

“You all right, mate?” Liam said, giggling.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dr. Long Dong said, voice high and trembling, until he had to take a step back and we all watched as his pole emerged from Priya’s mouth, then sprung up at the end and bopped her on the nose, jizz or slobber hanging down and falling on her tits.

My wife wiped her lips and turned to me.

“You think you can find a girl to do that in Bangkok, dear?”

I didn’t know, but I’d keep looking until I did.

If you liked that, check out the start of Priya’s Education, here.

desi erotica, indian romance, interracial erotica, gangbang, wife cheating, voyeur husband, slutwife, pattaya, soi cowboy, bar girl, phuket


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