Pulp Fiction

SW - pmdmagb

Summer is the busy time for me at work, but that’s all coming to an end soon, so I can get back to finishing this story that’s been sitting around for a long time, and under various titles (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here). It stars Priya and her husband from Priya’s Education. Read the start of that story here, and if the idea of MDMA-fueled sex is your kind of thing, then check out the start of Club Bangers, here.

Oh, and there’s also an early scene from the new story about having sex in an airplane bathroom posted here.

MDMA Honeymoon Gangbang is a provisional title, but nice and pulpy, so I’ll probably keep it. When finished it’ll be released as a single, but also as part of a set with Moving Day Threesome and Ariana Cheats with Me. Click on the titles to see how they’re set up.

Sorry there’s no sex in this update, but look around and you’ll find something more stimulating to read.


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