Priya’s return (coming soon)

Sudden work overload with various projects I don’t want to turn down, so this story (MDMA Gangbang?) still stuck at the 11k-word first draft stage for another week or so, but here’s an extract, still subject to correction and change (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here).

At this point Priya and her husband, the narrator, have been up all night taking drugs and dancing at a full-moon party, but are now back at their luxury accommodation and about to take things to another level.

“Wait, aren’t you on your honeymoon?”

“Yes. Yes we are.” Priya started rubbing this guy’s groin, and grabbing his cock through his shorts. “And I want it to be a memorable experience, so now I’d like to suck your cock.” The she turned to me, “this is all true, isn’t it dear?”

“Yeah,” I said, “it’s all true, it’s all really happening.”

“Yes,” Priya said, “it’s all really happening. Anyway, my husband here has already had sex with a lot of women in Bangkok, and now I want to have sex with you, if that’s OK. I mean, I like you and, well, I’ve never been with a black man. You understand how that might appeal?”

“Yeah,” Dave said, his cock now hard in his shorts, and my wife’s hands all over it, “I can see that.”

“Well,” she said, “how about it?”

The guy took a long draw on a joint, sipped his beer, and slowly exhaled.

“Let me get this straight, because I’m kind of tripping, and I guess you are too. You want to have sex with me, right here, in front of your husband?”

“Yes,” Priya said, “that’s the idea, although maybe we should go inside ”

Dave turned to me.

“You cool with that?”

“Yeah,” I said, “why not? I had fun in Bangkok.”

“OK,” he said, “cool. I mean, turnaround is fair play and all that, and she’s hot. Yeah, let’s do it. Only one thing. Maybe you forgot, but I’m not alone in this place, and I don’t just mean you two. Those two guys playing DJ, Liam and Jonko, they might come back any time and see us fucking. You cool with that?”

“Yes,” my wife said, “I’m cool with that.”

“Me too,” I said.

“OK,” Dave said, “let’s go inside and get acquainted.”

If want to read more about this couple, then check out Priya’s Education, and if you like the idea of a drug-fueled gangbang, which is what this scene turns into, then take a look at Club Bangers.

Oh, and in an earlier extract from this story Priya has sex on an airplane. You can read about that here.

desi erotica, indian romance, interracial erotica, gangbang, wife cheating, voyeur husband, slutwife, pattaya, soi cowboy, bar girl, phuket


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