I’m a horndog, I’ll confess

Here’s another excerpt from the next Priya story, about an MDMA-fueled honeymoon gangbang in Thailand, all text subject to correction and change (edit – it’s now finished, check out the start here). At this point the narrator and his wife have gone to the full moon party, and gone back to the resort where Priya soon gets on her knees and sucks off another guy, and that’s where this part begins:

I watched as Priya bounced up and down with Dave’s cock between her tits, her mouth open to try take in her mouth the few inches that kept popping out of her cleavage. There was plenty drool going on, so things were nice and wet, and she already looked sluttier than any of the whores I’d fucked in Bangkok.

Dave moaned and started letting out strange yelps, and from behind I could see his back tensing and shoulders jerking. He grabbed my wife with two hands and pushed so his dick sprung out from her tits. I thought he didn’t want to cum too soon, and I couldn’t blame him, but then when Priya got her lips around his pole again he bucked his hips and pulled her down by the hair, working himself deeper and faster into my wife’s face. He was going to take this to the end.

Priya was game, but the head of Dave’s cock must have hit her throat, because she gagged, pushed against this knees until it popped out of her mouth. Then she held it sideways against her face and ran her tongue along the underside and up to the head, flicking in and out while jerking him off with one hand and tickling his balls with the other.

“Do it,” she said, with spit on her lips, “I want to eat your cum.”

The guy lost control there and then and started squealing, pulled his dick out of Priya’s hands and stroked himself off to the end, ready to unload with both barrels onto my wife’s smiling, drug-fucked face, and not one week into our honeymoon.

Priya kept her mouth open and the guy aimed the first shot in there. It bounced off her tongue and hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little, and the next shot hit her on the lips and nose. She squeezed her eyes shut and forced a smile, and then he just emptied his balls on her face wherever he wanted, then down to her heaving jugs.

Why not? He wasn’t going to see us again, and what how the else are you supposed to end a scene like this, with a tender kiss between the new guy and the slut wife?

No way, what happened here was Dave treated Priya like a cumslut after having taken full advantage of her mouth, and ample tits.

And what did she do with all this cum on her face, my loving wife?

She wiped it from her eyelids and licked her fingers clean, blinked at the light and looked down at the mess on her breasts.

She giggled, and ran her tongue out over her lips.

“That tastes amazing.”

“That’s my diet,” Dave said, “pineapple and coconut water, chicken and rice. No cigarettes, no coffee. Now show me how much you love it.”

Priya was looking up at him rapt, on her knees, ignoring me with this still huge cock bobbing around in front of her, while this guy explained why his cum tasted so good, and why she couldn’t get enough of it.

And it was true, it really was, because for all of Dave’s obnoxious big talk my wife was loving the taste of his jizz, cleaning herself up, rolling it around in her mouth and then swallowing it down, smacking her lips with a smile.

Nom, nom, nom.

If I hadn’t known better I’d have said she was a two-bit blow-job whore, and paid by the mouthful.

But that was no whore, that was my wife, and I liked the idea of fucking Priya with this guy’s cum still on her, just no kissing.

“How do you want it?” I said, jerking off as I walked toward her.

“Later,” she said, licking her fingers, “I’m all sticky.”

Dave pointed somewhere behind me.

“Bathroom’s at the end of the hall.”

My balls ached and my head swam with drugs and lust, and I didn’t like the way my wife was teasing me, but that was cool, it was all good, because this way Dave could recover and we could DP her.

You see, I’m a horndog, I’ll confess. In my limited experience I like it when Priya’s sitting on one cock, pumping in and out of her ass, while I’m fucking her pussy, or vice versa. I like the tightness that comes from that, but most of all I like the panic on my wife’s face when she’s being nailed by two guys, cumming hard, totally overwhelmed. When she knows deep inside that she’s a filthy whore, giving up to sex and loving it, with me there along for the ride.

Yeah, a whole lot fucked up stuff goes through your head in a scene like this, but if you can’t own it then it’s no fun, and you’ll end up, I guess, with a lifetime of alternating guilt and regret. But I know what I like, and I’m not ashamed to say it clear to someone else who’ll understand.

And you do understand, don’t you?

So while my wife was washing the cum off her face and getting ready to get fucked at both ends I went to the kitchen, found a banana and ate that, opened another beer and started drinking.

I wanted to make sure I had enough energy to fuck my stoned wife in the ass and make this a day to remember.

When I went back to the living room Priya still wasn’t there, and Dave wasn’t alone.

There were two more guys, both holding bottles of beer and sharing a joint, and I knew they’d want to fuck my wife too.

I just hoped she was cool with a gangbang.

If you like that, check out the first Priya story here, and come back soon to find out when it’s finished, or follow me on my Amazon page.

And there’s a full MDMA gangbang story here.


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