Of course, we wouldn’t be dating after this, would we?

Another fresh cut from Swapping My Girl, still subject to correction and change.

After a few minutes of dick-in-mouth bliss Suzy took her lips of my cock and started blowing her boyfriend with Kate.

He looked at me and smiled, gave the thumbs up as one girl worked on his pole and the other on his balls, leaving me at loose end.

I found that blunt and lit it.

I inhaled and slumped to the floor as it hit me, then inhaled again and held it until the smoke came out my ears and my eyes went pink.


I could do this,

I could leave this room a winner.

I moved so I was behind my girlfriend and tapped her so she lifted her big white ass. I slipped my dick in her pussy and fucked her a while, one hand on her and the other on Suzy’s little brown butt. Then I pulled out of Kate and put my cock in the other girl, fucked her some time, then back in my girlfriend, getting thrills like you wouldn’t believe.

It was fun, and it made me feel good, then one time I pulled out of Kate and Suzy was down there holding my dick and sucking it, enjoying the taste.

Kate turned around and joined in, so now John got to fuck them both while the two girls worked their mouths over my pole, played with my balls and kissed each other.

It was wonderful, I loved it, and couldn’t believe what a slut Kate had become, and me too.

Of course, we wouldn’t be dating after this, would we?

And if we still were, what would that mean?

That I could fuck anyone, and so could she?

It all seemed too simple, as long as I honest and open, with myself and everyone else.


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