Swapping My Girl

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Swapping My Girl is now available for $0.99 on Amazon – click here for the US site, but available in all markets. It’s an mfmf partner-swapping tale, featuring Kate and Suzy, along with Liam, a minor character in Priya’s MDMA Gangbang who serves as the narrator. Check out the set-up below, and if you just want something free here’s an earlier post with all of Club Bangers (Suzy in a gangbang) in a DOC file.


My girlfriend was spending a year in the States, in a small town on the West Coast, not too far from LA, and I was flying out to meet her via Thailand, where I stayed a few weeks in Bangkok and Pattaya, and then out on an island, getting up to all kinds of shenanigans.

My name’s Liam, and I’m English. My girlfriend in this story is Kate, a bleach-blonde busty lovely who used to be all uptight, but then something happened in America. It upset me at first, but then she set up a swap and I saw the error of my ways.

I fucked this other girl while this guy was nailing Kate, then both of us fucked her together, then I came on her face while she was taking this guy in her ass and the girl was working a strap-on.

It was a lot of fun, and the start of something new, and that’s why typing this here now, to get it all down in some form for the rest of my life.

So get comfortable, maybe even lock the door, and let me tell you how I swapped my girlfriend for a slut.


Kate had always wanted to live abroad, but it turned out the US was as adventurous as it got. She went out there after uni and got crappy jobs in a hostel and bar and enjoyed the Californian sun and legal weed. She was thinking about not coming home.

We’d been apart about six months at this point, and I was planning a trip anyway, and now it seemed things were coming to a head. Fly out, have a break, meet up with Kate, see if I could live there too, and if not call it quits.

I’d been a good boy all the time she was gone, just wanking to porn and doing weights, but in Thailand I fell off the wagon and into a bucket of whores.

I fucked a lot of women in a short time, and really enjoyed it. I felt no guilt, only release, and was looking forward to doing some more on the return trip. But before that I had to spend a week or so in Newton, this seaside town where Kate was staying, then do some travelling with her.

I thought it would be kind of dull, although I did want to see what this weed scene was like and fuck my girl in all kinds of ways.

Two things a Bangkok fuck-bar tends to be short on are good, safe marijuana and pale busty chicks with heft in their ass.

I wanted to oil up Kate and fuck her jugs, just like the best of the old days, when she was kind of fat and eager to please. And that was the image and idea I’d been nursing all the time she was away, the one I’d jerked off to, when needed, jizzing in her face then pushing it in her mouth with the head of my dick.

How can I describe our relationship as it stood in those days, before any of this happened?

Well, we’d met at uni, or college or school as they say in the US, in the last few weeks of the final term, or semester (with me sticking to US English from now on, just like the spellchecker says).

We’d stayed together a couple of years after that, mostly because we shared an apartment, but also because the sex was really good. I mean, Kate was just my type. Not the slimmest girl, although she’d lost weight in the States, I’d seen that in the pictures, but she had a pretty face and big tits, so I was pussy-struck, cuntranced, besnatched and getting laid on the reg.

Yes, we had problems in other areas, but Kate nearly always initiated sex, and came once or twice each time.

It was great.

I loved it.

But I wanted more, and so did she.


Jump back to before we left the UK, and one day when we were still in the middle of nowhere and Kate was sad and starting to worry about the future.

“I just realized I won’t have an extraordinary life.”

I thought about it with all the seriousness a guy in his mid-20s could muster.

I’d always assumed my life would be interesting and admirable, in a lazy beat-poet kind of way. I mean, I wouldn’t cure cancer or win elected office, even be the owner of a small, respectable business. No, I’d move around, fuck a lot, have fun, and somehow be rewarded by the universe for all that

In short, getting by on privilege and coasting on trend and momentum.

I looked at Kate and wondered why she was so down on herself.

We were young. Neither of us had careers or commitments. There was no reason we couldn’t try to be extraordinary, no reason we couldn’t end up in books.

I told her what I’d been thinking for some time.

“We should travel,” I said, “get out of town. Backpack a while. See the world while we can still do it cheap. Where do you want to go?”

“America,” she said, “then maybe Australia, New Zealand. I want to find somewhere to live. I want somewhere warm, by the sea, that speaks English.”

I wanted to go to Asia and get my dick sucked, but I told her I was interested in meditation, massage and unlocking my kundalini.

We came to a compromise after a few days of research and discussion. She’d fly out to New York and then California and bum around there, see some friends, see if she could get a job. I was going to work out the end of my contract then meet her there. Rather than New York I’d fly out via Bangkok, because I knew a guy who’d be there at the time, was genuinely curious about life in the exotic east, and I really wanted to fuck a bunch of Asians.

It’s another story, but I did all that, plus this Indian chick who was there on her honeymoon, and then I got on an airplane, flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong, then got a flight to LA.

Kate met me at the airport and drove me to Newton.

She gave me a vaporizer packed with weed as soon as we got in the car.

I turned it on, let it heat up and hit it.

Kate laughed as a wave of being stoned washed over me and wiped me out, red-eyed and lolling in the seat.

“Enjoy it,” she said, her tits jiggling, a hand on my thigh, “this place is amazing.”


We talked about things in the car, and it felt good. Kate was enthusiastic about her life now, and it made me happy to see that. It was like getting out of the UK had been a rebirth for us both, an opening of new horizons, a way to make a new life, or lives.

Yes, I was technically unemployed, and she’d been working a set of side gigs and hustles, but all of it was new and exciting, and we could worry about the money later.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that within a few weeks Kate was sucking my knob and others on camera, on her way to becoming an online sensation within a certain huge and underground community.

Only in America, eh?

We arrived at her place, a studio flop that had everything we needed, a bed, shower, big screen, sofa, table, two chairs, ice box and hotplate, the kind of room I always felt good in. After all, if I was rich wouldn’t I want a kitchen in my bedroom, or at least a fridge?

I put my bags down, drank a glass of water, got a beer and cracked it open.

It had been a long flight, and I wanted to take a shower, change my clothes and go out and get a cheeseburger and Bud, or something else iconic, then keep going until I collapsed into a long, dreamless sleep.

Kate was game. There was a bar nearby, JD’s, that had these sliders and curly fries she raved about, even though she hadn’t touched those in weeks.

“I look good, right?”

She did.

She repacked her vaporizer, set it up, waited, inhaled, gave it to me.

“Finish that and your beer,” she said, “then get in the shower.”

“And then we fuck?”

She shook her head and her big tits bounced.

“No, then you cum.”


I spent a few minutes hitting the vaporizer and finishing that beer, unpacking a little, getting out my washbag.

I got in the shower and washed, shaved my balls.

I assumed Kate had been faithful, even though she was looking better than ever, attracting more attention, feeling more confident, more sexual.

It was an idea I’d pushed out of my mind the last few months, but here and now it all came back, high in the shower and ready to get my dick sucked by my girlfriend for the first time in half a year. The first time I’d officially have sex since she left the UK, when just a few days before I’d been hiding out on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok with a head full of fake MDMA and doing lines of some real Chinese fuck drug.

I’d essentially moved into a brothel and drug den, lived in fear of a police raid, and the only way I could steady my nerves or forget the danger was to get as high as possible and then drink no more than a beer an hour, along with water. If I was in the girly bars for 10 hours a day that’d be 10 beers and ten glasses of water, and a girl each time I took a break to go upstairs, do a line of sex drug, and get my dick sucked in exchange for cash.

Then I went to Hong Kong and tried to do the same.

What if Kate knew?


“I met a girl out here,” Kate said, tongue on my balls and a finger teasing my asshole. “Suzy. We work together. She’s cool.”

“Nice,” I said, wanting to get blown, cool with this whole cheating on her deal and anxious to get over the hump and have the last person I’d fucked be her again, “you want to ask her over sometime?”

She smiled, and I felt stupid.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Come on,” Kate said, “don’t you want to see me with another girl?”

She opened wide and moved her head back and forth, eyes open, watching me as I watched my pole hit the back of her throat.

“Yeah,” I said, “I’d like that.”

Kate opened her mouth, let my dick pop out, and stroked it.

“You’d want to fuck her too, right? You’d want to shoot your load in her tight, Asian pussy?”

Asian pussy?

My mind raced, what the fuck did she know about that?

Kate jerked me off, sucked my balls, then ran her tongue up along the underside of my cock and rubbed her wet lips over the head.

“You cum now and I’ll make your dreams come true, you dirty bastard.”

I started moaning.

What the hell did she know about my dreams?

She smiled as I trembled, and stuck a finger up my ass.

I gasped and she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

She kept pumping my cock and ass and I started cumming before I knew what was happening, thick jerks across her chin, lips and tongue. She kept looking at me until a shot got in one eye, and then squealed and kept them shut, still milking my dick on her face.

I grabbed her head and moved forward, so my cock went in her mouth for the last few spunky jerks. Kate closed her lips around me and sucked a little, then pushed me back. She opened her mouth and looked up. She had cum on her face and pooled on her tongue. She pushed it up and out, so it dripped down onto her tits.

She looked really happy.

“Did you find a girl to do that in Bangkok?”

I was jet-lagged, drained, high and confused.

“It’s OK,” she said, “I don’t care what happened,” licking her fingers then rubbing them dry on her thighs. “I’m a swinger now.”

She got her phone and tapped it a few times, turned it around and showed me.

“Suzy,” she said.

Nice-looking Asian, dressed like a whore.

Kate showed me pictures of Suzy naked, and pictures of them fucking each other.

“You want to meet her?”


She went to a drawer, pulled out an object and handed it to me.

“Do you know what this is?”

It was a cage for a dick, something I’d seen online but never thought about myself, something from another way of life, one that seemed cartoonish and weird, but now was real and in my hands.

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

“Don’t worry. Suzy said if I can get you over to her place wearing this then you can fuck her. She just wants to know I’ve got some control over you. I mean, she needs to be careful. You could be anyone, right?”

I must have looked skeptical.

Kate shrugged.

“She’s a freak. She wants this. It’s one of her games. It’s why I like her. You will too. Come on, let’s just see what it looks like.”

I pulled down my pants, took out my dick and Kate bent down, kissed it, then put the pole and my balls in the cage and closed it.

“How’s that feel?”

“OK,” I said, “not great, but OK. Can you take it off? Can we go and get those burgers?”

“I don’t think so,” my girlfriend said, smiling. “I mean, we can get the burgers, sure, but I don’t have the key to that thing. Suzy does. You’re going to have to wait till tomorrow.”


The cage was a little uncomfortable, but fuck it, I was hungry, so we went out and I had a burger and Kate a chicken salad, along with a pitcher of beer.

When we’d finished eating we were sitting in a booth and she looked at me and sighed.

“John talked, you know that?”


I knew what she meant, but then decided the best thing was to play dumb, even though I could feel my legs shaking.

I’d misbehaved in Thailand, and a friend of ours had been there too, and of course he couldn’t keep his mouth shut when he got home.

Kate knew I’d been bad, but to what extent? There were so many points of failure in whatever story I was going to tell I didn’t even start making excuses. Best to just sit there, let her know what she knew, and then deal with whatever happened next.

Which maybe was still fucking this Suzy girl, right? Because she must have known about this before, so maybe it was all cool.

I waited with my heart in my throat but Kate didn’t say anything else about Thailand, and instead just held up her phone and showed me a video with the sound off.

There she was, naked, sitting next to Suzy. She looked great with her new waist and same big tits, and this Asian girl was round and brown, a lot like the women I’d been fucking.

They soon started making out, and it was hot, I’ll admit it, but then I noticed the camera was moving and wondered who was filming.

It soon became clear it was a guy.

The girls unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

They started blowing him and didn’t stop until he came in the Asian girl’s mouth, and then she French kissed Kate, and the clip ended with them smiling, tongues out and clean.

Kate tapped the screen off and my dick felt tight in its cage.

“Any questions?”

If you want to find out what happens next, then head to Amazon and make a purchase, or read it for free if you’ve got Amazon Prime.

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