I Fuck Your Wife

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Playing around with Wattpad, and will try and write a story straight out there, from start to end. It’ll be kind of rough around the edges, and I don’t where it’s going, but if you want to check out a work in progress then click on the cover to keep up with the action, with more text being added every day.

Here are the first few parts:


I remember the first time I saw your wife. It was at a party. Everyone was having fun, except you. You looked miserable, and seemed determined to make her suffer. I thought you’d already split up, to be honest, and that’s why I felt cool with laying the groundwork to get in there later. I mean, I started chatting with her, established some rapport, got her a drink and even touched her arm.

A few days later, when all those pictures were put online and tagged, she friended me, and about a week later we met up, for the first time, and she touched my dick through my pants while I got a hold of her tits.

Yep, we went pretty far in the park, but that’s nothing compared to what came later.


What do I like about your wife?

Well, for one thing I like that she’s taken, and that I don’t have any real responsibility here. She’s cheating, using me for casual sex, like I am her, and that suits me down to the ground.

I’ve never been what you’d call a one-chick kind of guy. I play the field. I get things done. I fuck at least 12 women a year, as a point of pride, and always have a few on the go. What’s more, I don’t keep it a secret. No need. Women seem to dig me as I am.

So think on that, next time you’re stuck home alone and I’ve got my hands all over your wife. I’ll be enjoying her, doing all those nasty things she likes to do with me, and then the next day I’ll fuck someone else.

Your precious wife, the only women you have, is just another pussy to me.


Let’s be honest, your wife has a killer body, and one that you’ll notice has gotten better since she started seeing me. More tanned and toned, that’s for sure, because that’s how I like my women, even if they have nice big tits like your wife does to make up for any excess baggage elsewhere. No, I like women with a slim waist, firm ass and good teeth, and she’s got them all, plus, like I said, those bazongas that are real fun to fuck.

I mean, I guess that’s why you stay with her, right?

Even though she sleeps with other men.


From what your wife tells me you weren’t exactly a dating sensation in high school and college. Sure, you’re not ugly, but you’re kind of moody, aren’t you? A little too easy to lose your cool and fly off the handle, quick to take offense and with a cutting sense of humor that comes off as rude half the time. I mean, no wonder she’s a little embarrassed to be seen out with you, especially after you’ve been drinking.

And she told me a lot about that little breakdown you had last winter, how you were bawling like a kid over the future, worried about your job and getting old.

Real attractive behavior, real alpha level shit.

No wonder your woman needs a real man.


I guess the first time we crossed the line was the third time we met. I mean, we chatted at the party, fooled around a little in the park, but I didn’t get my dick in your wife until the next time, when she came over to my place, got high, and blew me.

Now I didn’t fuck her then, don’t get me wrong, so I don’t know if it was really cheating. What I do know is your wife really wasn’t that good at giving head that day. Maybe she was nervous, maybe she felt a little guilty, but she had trouble getting into it like some women do, the way I like it, which is soft, wet, and deep.

No, that time your wife just stayed with some butterfly licks and a few kisses, keeping my dick wet while she jerked me off with her hands and tits. Hardly any penetration, to be honest, and when I came she took it on her jugs, smiled at the mess, then washed it off, put her top back on, and went home in a stoned daze.

I thought I’d never see her again, but I was wrong.

Your wife fell in love with my cock.


She called later and apologized for not staying and fucking me. Can you imagine that? Your wife felt the need to call me up and say “sorry” that she only sucked my dick, that she wanted to meet again and set things right.

I would’ve told her to come on over then if I wasn’t already on my way to fuck an Asian waitress. Instead I told her to cool it, wait a few days, and then if she still wanted my cock she could send a message explaining why I should make the time to fuck her.

I heard her moan at the other end of the line.

I was treating your wife mean, and it seemed like she was really enjoying it.

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