Now on iTunes and Barnes & Noble


Nearly all my stories are now on iTunes (here) and Barnes & Noble (here), with two free stories on each



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On Amazon now (cover goes to US site, but available in all markets. The 10% will get you most of the first story

On Smashwords in a few days,

Other Men’s Women

cover other men's women

Now on Smashwords in all text formats, just click the cover to visit. If you prefer Amazon, click here. It’ll also be on iTunes, Barnes & Noble,….everywhere online, soon.

Currently free

Got three free stories on two different sites, and earlier versions of some others may also appear on some *cough* specialist forums, but I can’t be bothered to track those down.

For now, there’s these two stories free on Smashwords, so just click on the covers to get them in any of the text formats.

SW - pmdmagb  wp-1500618647920.

Then there’s this classic, which just pops up free to read on the Wattpadd app or site.

club bangers

Nothing free on Amazon, but visit my page there and check out the samples. All 18+ and likely to offend, so proceed with caution.

Now available at Barnes & Noble

Nearly all my stories can now be found at Barnes & Noble, here, including a couple of free things. 18+ and explicit from the first page, so take a look if that sounds fun

Banging My Wife and Her Friend ($0 FFM)


Just uploaded to Smashwords, and it’ll be free – in all text formats – for the next few days. Click on the cover to get it now.

$5 for nine stories about women who need more

HWGF 123

The latest thing to hit Smashwords is this collection of nine stories. Click the cover to visit the site and get the 15% sample in any text format (which should be most, if not all, of the first tale). If you prefer Amazon, click here for the same (albeit with only a 10% sample). 18+ and highly explicit throughout, so some people may be offended.